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Smileys and emoticons

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I noticed that some of you put cool smileys and emoticons at the end of your posts. Where do you find them?
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Brenda check here:

Best Smilies

Someone told me (don't know if it is a fact or not) but if you email the guy and make a small contribution to him, he sends you a whole lot more not available on his general pages
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They also have them at

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Whenever you see a smilie or emoticon that you like, right click on it and then go to properties. It will show you what site it came from.
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WAIT! do they work the same way that the ones here do? You just do the : thingys around it? How do you link them?
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when you go to you click on the smilie that you want and at the top of the page, it has the link and the html code for you to copy and paste into your message, its rather simple really, go ahead and try it Carrie!
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I tried to did nothing. Is is supposed to give you like the HAND thing so that it is clickable? I tried it even without and it did nothing.
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10-22 (disregard)...I got it!!!!
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I just wanted to see if I can actually do this too! There some really cute ones that that site!!
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Darnit! Let me try again...
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when you put the address down, you need to put [IMG ] then the address and then [/IMG ] Without the spaces
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Did the MAN BASHING thread get wiped out by the mods????? I wanted to share my feelings while at the same time trying out my new knowledge of smilie thingys!!!

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This is another great smiley site...It's where I got the marching kitties from.

It's in German (which I do not speak or read), but on the left hand side of the page there is an index to all of the various smilies. I just browsed through them until I found what I liked. Animal smilies are under "Tiere".
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The threads you are referring to were moved before ( or actually because they already were ) they got out of hand. Sorry you didn't get a chance to add in your thoughts!!
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Well, it was probably a good idea to move them before they got worse....Oh well.
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Yep. I agree......! When I couldn't find it, I knew that is what happened!! And that is alright that I didn't get to add my two cents...I just wanted to add my HUGE SMILEY I found on that site! He's cute!
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OMG I did it! Thanks you's guy's! I don't feel like a big computer idiot anymore!
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll check them out when I have a little more time. Have to go work out to lose the results of too many Christmas cookies.
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