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9 week old kitten

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I recently purchased a persian kitten from a breeder. He was so scared when we brought him home. He hid places I didn't know existed. He seemed to be a little bit more brave in the morning, he jumped on my bed and licked me awake. He's eating and drinking. But then I went to take a shower and came back and I can't find him anywhere. I'm searched every place I think is possible that he might hide himself. I"m really worried he's somewhere where maybe he can't get out again or something. Is this normal behavior for a cat? He'll come out when he's ready right? I'm really concerned about where he is.
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If you got him at 9 weeks from a breeder, IMO its not a good breeder - they really should not leave home till a minimum of 10-12 weeks - most good breeders will not adopt out till 12-16 weeks!

A young kitten turned loose in a house can be a problem. Its recommended they are confined to one room for 1-2 weeks to get used to things and then let out under supervision. Kittens can get in places you would not think - as you've found out.

When you do find him, confine him to a smaller room with food/water and litter pan and then introduce him to things slowly. He could be in a closet hiding in clothes or even a shoe!
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