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Does anyone have a good link to a worm site, I want to learn more about what to look out for and treatment options, I dont think Mellow has them altho he is always hungry, but I need to know what to look out for as I think eating is a symptom, altho he is putting on weight, which is why I am not worried.

I know that some worms can be got by indgesting fleas and as he had fleas when we got him i need to know all the facts about these parsites!

Thank you
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The safest treatment option is thru your vet. Hope these links help!


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If he was wormed in April how long should that last, shoud we worm him every 6 months or is he fine if he has no symptoms he is an indoor cat,

I am booking him his first vet cat health for this week next week depending on hubbys work times, but I like to go armed with a bunch of questions, but I thought i Would like to sound knowledgable b4 asking dum questions lol

We got him from the shelter on the 29th of July. he has most shots already its just the worming I think I wanted to check, because he had fleas, and i have read if they have fleas then they most likely have worms (tape)
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My 11 m/o kitten is on Revolution spot-on. It's used once a month & covers fleas, flea lavae, worms, heart worm, ear mites. It's easier than trying to give tablets. With tablets they need to be wormed every 3 mths.
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It just all depends on whether he was wormed in April by a vet or a shelter? I think shelters only give them roundworm meds,but I may be wrong on that. But if he has fleas,there is a big chance he also has tapeworm,even if he is an indoor kitty.

As far as what to look for, I can only tell you what I've seen in my cats that made me suspect they needed worming. Besides the obvious wiggly sections from the tapeworm,or vomiting of the roundworm,(which usually means a bad case of worms) I have noticed a lot of extra shedding. Sometimes weight loss isn't noticeable unless the have been infested for a while. With roundworms they will sometimes have an occasional cough.

Don't worry about the vet thinking your questions are dumb!! I ask a few every time I take my girls in. Most vets appreciate being asked questions,and it shows them just how much you care about your kitties. I've actually had lists of questions with our appointments!
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Ok well thanks to your links, i have decided poor Mellow has worms, I noticed the browny coloures segments and thought it looked like the grains of rice that I had seen described on the other topics, then I started to pet him (he was sleeping) and he wole up streatched putting his but in my face, and I saw a nasyty white worm hanging out! it was only little but I feel so bad, I have phoned the Shelter where I got him from to check what worming meds he ws gven, unfortunatly they dont check the phone everyday as they dont gkeep animals at there office, they only use foster families, so I have to wait for them to get back to me, He has a vet appointment on Thursday, so we should get all fixed then! he is also ging to get a dose of advantage, as we have a free coupon to use, hopefully the fleas and worms will stay away.

The good thing is I dont think they are affecting him he is as crazy as normal, and eating and drinking the same amount as when we first got him (and I am 98% sure he didnt have worms then)

So once he os treated what precautions must I take to stop him getting re infected, I figures washing his bedding and vaccuuming, I think someone said bleach his litterbox too, what else?
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What you saw was a segment of the tapeworm. Since he is an indoor kitty and doesn't catch and eat birds or mice,the only other precaution I can think of is keeping him flea free with monthly flea meds. Have a great vet visit!!
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Yes, the way to keep him free of tapeworms is to keep fleas away. IMO you don't need to bleach the litterbox for this type of worm. He can only get reinfected from fleas, not directly from tapeworm eggs.
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Pk thanks, Poor kitty only had him a month, I know we couldnt do anyhting to prevent this as he came with the fleas, but I still feel bad, oh well, vet will fix him and then no more problems with my fingers crossed.

thank u tho!
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