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3 week old kittens - what now!?

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I have two kittens who are about 3 weeks old (birth date unknown).
They can go to the bathroom on their own now, but I am still feeding them from the bottle and they do not know how to use the litter box.

Right now I keep them in two seperate boxes because Musashi (the female) always goes after Tango's (the male) genitals to suckle.

I take them out of the boxes for feeding and play time, and then they go back in when they fall asleep. Each box has its own small litter box in it, yet they do not get used by the kittens.

After i feed them, I take one litter box out to the floor, i place them in the litter box, but they never go! instead they just run around and play, and eventually end up peeing on my floor.

I need some advice on how to get them litter box trained. Do you think having them sometimes in the box and sometimes on the floor could be confusing them? Would they be better in a bathroom with everything always in the same spot? If I did that though, how would I keep Musashi from suckling on Tango?

Also, when should I start weening them from the bottle? I've heard to start when they start biting the bottle teat or they can lap from a bowl. Well, they always bite the bottle! but yet they do not take anything from the small bowl i try to feed them from. I guess they just need more time?

Musashi is the beige one, Tango is the orange one.
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Three weeks is a tooyoung to expect them to become litter-box trained.
Now is the time to introduce them to the idea but there will be accidents for a few more weeks, as three weeks is way too young to fully understand the concept.

Someone will be along shortly with more experience than I, but as far as I know three weeks is too young to be forceably weaning as well. From what I understand, once they're eating a mix of solids and still on their bottle you can slowly wean them off the bottle...but when they're good and ready.

It just seems to me that three weeks is too young to expect so much. My three week olds are barely now trying to figure out how to walk around the room (only 1 has mastered the technique of climbing out of their bed). There's NO WAY they will even show an interest in the litter box or comprehending what they're supposed to do for a bit more time. As far as solid foods, they are showing NO interest whatsoever in that either....although I know the transition is different for bottle babies and there are tons on this site who can give you advice regarding that transition.

By the way, they are *SOOOO* adoroable!!!!! What precious little angels!!!!
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okay then, i guess when they are about 4 weeks i will try keeping them together in a bathroom or somewhere they can access the litter box at all times. Hopefully Musashi doesnt try to suckle Tango by then so that they can have free roam of one room with the litter box always in one place.

as for the weaning, when they are about 4 weeks i will continue to bottle feed, but also leave some crushed up dry food for them to see if they eat it. Perhaps try mixing it with the formula or water, and see what happens. I am not trying to force them, just wondering what is going on. I've never fostered little ones before so this is all new to me.

Also, should they have water now? Or is that something they start getting when dry food is introduced?

Thanks again!

-Padawan, the worried 1st time mom =)

EDIT: Thank you! They are so cute, i love em! Yeah the thing that confused me a little about my kittens is that when i watched some videos of other 3 week olds, mine seem a little more advanced. They climb up everything (including me! its amazing they can clumb vertically up my legs, lol). They also play fight with each other, and can sort of run now, chasing my feet around the room. They don't really jump yet though. But yeah, they could just be small/premature 4/5 weeks old? Or just more active 3 weeks old? Ohwell, I guess it doesnt matter really, I will just progress with them as they are ready.
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you can start to leave a shallow plate of water for them now , it wont do no harm but only when your there to supervise. its best to wait before trying the dry food, wet kitten food mixed with some KMR or water to make a slush is a good way to start them feeding from 4 weeks onwards, some wont even start to try soilds untill 6 weeks. the litter tray is still a bit early for them, but it dosnt do no harm in showing them it and putting them in it, just dont expect them to catch on just yet, when they poo on the floor just place it in the litter box, after meals place them in the litter box and when they wake up. once in the litter tray do a scratching motion.
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