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New Headlines for 2003!

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Headlines for January 2003

Cats ready for adoption Wednesday
The Arizona Republic - January 5, 2003

Foster homes help homeless pets awaiting adoption
Post-Gazette - January 5, 2003

Court ends feline flap after Yuba City man catches neighbor's cat
San Francisco Chronicle - January 4, 2003

Raining cats and dogs; pet stores soak up profits
Reuters - January 5, 2003

Virus Hits Shelter Cats; Adoption Suspended
Washington Post - January 5, 2003

When it's ok to knock down dogs and cats
Straits Times - January 3, 2003

Pet's return eases woman's cat-astrophe
Rocky Mountain News - January 1, 2003
Ad honors memory of Gracie
Roanoke.com - January 1, 2003
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Vet bill warning over obesity
Manchester Online - January 20, 2003

Laser surgery is not just for people ... Owners fork out extra to reduce pets' pain
Times-News - January 20, 2003

Delta barking loudly over stricter animal safety rules
Atlanta Business Chronicle - January 20, 2003

Hundreds of pets killed, missing
news.com.au - January 20, 2003

Visitors flock to shelter's open house
Portage Daily Register - January 20, 2003

Murphy's back n with a vengeance
Aubern Journal - January 20, 2003

Feline version of pugs, Persian cats are friendly
Akron Beacon Journal - January 18, 2003

P&G entering pet health care field
Cincinnati Business Courier - January 17, 2003
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Feline foils bid to make honest cat of him
STUFF - January 28, 2003

OAP 'kept 75 cats in squalid house'
icBirmingham - January 29, 2003

Cat may get the cream
Oldham Evening Chronicle - January 28, 2003

Why cats warm our hearts and laps
BayArea.com - January 28, 2003

Park Bans Cat Lover Who Was Feeding Strays
Tampa Tribune - January 27, 2003

Persistence rescues this little kitty
Morning Journal - January 26, 2003

Cat show boils down to feline beauty contest
Gainesville Sun - January 26, 2003
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Wow, those are good articles! Some of them have been archived, so I couldn't read them, but they are very good. I especially liked the one about the cat stuck in a drain and the father used his truck to pull and break the grate to set it free. Not many men will prove their love for a small animal with many people around. I greatly admire him.
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For the archived ones, I just do a google search on the name of the article, and in the search results, instead of clicking on the title of the page to open the article, I click on the 'cache' option (to the bottom right of the page blurb)which brings up the original article.

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These are great Anne - thanks, especially for the NZ story!!!!
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Thanks for all your work posting headlines for us each month!!!!!
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Anne, I love it that you do the headlines for us. I know you've got a lot on your plate right now and just wanted to say thank you!!
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Three cheers for Anne!!!! See we do appreciate all your hard work!!! **HUGS**
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