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New Cat won't eat??

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I just brought home a 2 yr old cat that my friend had. I brought HIS food along with him friday and he has only nibbled a bit since then....should I be worried or is this normal?? He's a very shy cat to begin with so I understand that he's been taken out of his environment and will act a little frightened at first. I just want him to be healthy and happy, plus he's a huge cat and I know he eats alot. What gives?
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The poor thing is totally stressed out - he has no idea what is happening in his life or where he is. Does he already know you or are you new to him too? As long as he is eating something, however little, I would not worry too much for a day or two. Do not do anything to increase his stress - put him in a quiet place with all he needs, leave him alone for a bit, and when you do go in, ignore him but sit on the floor for a bit so he gets used to your presence and smell, even read aloud to let him hear your voice. I am sure he will soon decide he wants to eat and also to explore his new environment.
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Hi and thanks for the quick reply!
He knows me only from one visit before we brought him home. He only met the rest of family a day after he was brought here. I have two girls 9 and 13, and he has especially taken to the oldest. He's more of a loner, and I *try* to leave him alone, but my girls want to spend time with him. Actually the more we are around him, the more he opens up. He plays with the girls, and loves to be petted on his belly. BUT only for so long..then as soon as backs are turned he's under the bed.( which he used to do all the time at previous home) He actually slept with my oldest last night, around 2 he went in meowed and my daughter patted the bed for him to come up and he did. Where he was before he wasn't allowed on the furniture, so I think that is confusing him as well. I know he is adjusting really well considering the situation ( he wasn't around kids before this), I just really want him to eat a bit more, because the previous owner said he was a gorbyguts!!( but VERY picky....no wet food or scraps for this big guy, and the food she was giving him was REALLY cheap, so I would like to give him a better diet, which I slowly will once he starts to eat his old cheap stuff).
Again thanks, I'm sure you'll be annoyed by the time I get this all figured out...
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Hi there
just wanted to mention a few months ago the same thing had happened when I brought home my black persian. He wouldn't eat and stayed under the bed. It was horrible. After a few days I took him to the vets. She had to give him a liquid diet and clomipramine (to calm him). After a couple more days he started to pick away at the food and now he is a pig big!
Try not to worry to much but if he starts to look dehydrated and is lacking energy please take him to the vets.
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I'd just give him a day or two before worrying about food unless he's very overweight. My mom's cat had to come stay with me for a few days and even though she was very familiar with me, she was very frightened. She barely ate anything until the second day. I would leave food out when you go to bed and he may eat some then when he's feeling less overwhelmed.
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Thanks so much to you all! I'll give him another day, and I placed a second bowl of "my" choice of cat food next to his other one.Hopefully tonight when all is quiet he'll eat some more.
BTW my new cat looks very similar to "Willow"..I can't figure our how to add an avatar or siggy on this forum, but when I do I'll share pics of our new pride and joy!!
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There's information about setting up a signature here:
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Thanks for the link cloud_shade!!
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