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Nikita's new trick

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Ok, Nikita sometimes sleeps in my bed, not always though. She's rarely there when I go to sleep but she's usually asleep on my bed with me when I wake up in the mornings (unbearably cute, comfy and curled up, which doesn't make it easy waking up to go to work)

Anyway for the past few days I've woken up lying on my back with my knees bent and Nikita asleep on the top of my feet.

I.e something like this:

What is happening is that Nikita has figured out that if she sneaks a paw under the blankets and pokes my toes with her claws I'll pull up my legs to make the toes not be in her reach anymore (I'm obviously doing this without waking up all the way now.) which then leaves her with a very nice cat bed. Supported on one side and warm feet to sleep on top of so she's been doing this every night now for the last few days, and I have a few new scratches on my toes. Heh..
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She's one smart kitty!
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Your drawing is wonderful! I love the expression on Nikita's face.
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That's so cute! That drawing made my day. Our cat, Jerry, does something similar with me...He likes to sleep between my legs, so apparently (according to my sister who watched him do this) he'll walk up and down my legs and paw at them until I move them apart and then he'll curl up between them and go to sleep. Cats are so smart...and we think that we have THEM are trained .
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Great drawing!
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I love the drawing!

Ginger is the same way - not there at night, but almost always next to me when I wake up.

I bought a really soft, furry-plush pillow at a discount home furnishings store a while back, it's just a throw pillow, but I wasn't able to pass it up - it was just TOO soft and fuzzy, I HAD to have it.

Soon after I bought it I found out why: Ginger loves to knead on it - she gets all focused while kneading, it is SO cute. She has chosen it as her "bed" on my bed, so when I wake up, that's where she is: curled up in a ball on top of this 14" x 14" square pilllow.

Maybe you need to buy Nikita a pillow of her own?
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We'll see if this continues. I had an old folded woolen wintercoat on my bed and it was her "bed" on my bed for a while. I quite liked that since it was an excuse not to throw out the coat (I get sentimentally attached to my coats) but she's not slept on it in months now.

It's funny though how good cats get at manipulating us
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That's really funny. Great drawing too. I think you're lucky, one of our girls, Coco, usually hangs out in our bedroom and her favorite thing is to snag my toes and run. She's a real brat.............and very lucky that I love her.
I'm putting up a (fake) ad for her shortly.
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Yeah it could be worse, atleast I get a full night's sleep. However my legs get crampy from being bent like that for who knows how long

I'm hoping she'll figure out something else to do instead eventually.
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Ziggy doesn't sleep in my room but I let her in first thing in the morning and get back into bed. She sits on the floor at the end of the bed just waiting for my feet to go over the edge and then she makes her move.

She especially loves it if I've got socks on.
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