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4 week old kitten has been near impossible to raise

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I found a 3 or 4 week old female kitten who had been dropped off on the bank of the Ohio river, if you can believe that. I have raised several orphaned kittens before, some from much younger ages, so I know what Im doing in this department. Since I found her, she has been struggling with a respiratory infection, with lots of mucus and congestion. She has been to the vet and is on the proper antibiotics, and is definately improving. Understandibly, when I first got her she did not want to eat and I know she didn't like having the nipple and syring shoved into her mouth because she could hardley breath out of her nose. The first couple days after starting the antibiotic she felt a lot better, and tried to suckle properly some (which she had been doing NONE of.) Well now, a week later, she is acting up all over again. She doesn't want to suckle or hardley eat anything, she cries in discomfort from teething constantly. SHe is pooping and peeing normally but is underweight since she has been such a fighter against being fed since day one. I have never had such a difficult kitten to raise, And I have done this now several times with orphaned kittens that have come about. She is in obvious discomfort, the teething is killing her she chews on everything she can, but she fights the feedings so hard that is what really is getting to me. She won't pay any attention to any kinds of solids, even though by now she should be more then willing to start sampling them. The teeth are coming in normally. This kitten will simply walk a few paces away and scream her head off. I will comfort her, then she will do the same thing. I will offer her formula, she will all but spit it back at me. This process over, and over, and over. Scratching and biting and protesting all the while. To say the least, my patience are stretching, and I have a whole world of patience. What else may be going on with this kitten that I must be missing?

I have entertained ideas such as brain damage, intestininal gasses on top of the discomfort of teething. I am really out of things to think of and try. I don't want to have to tube feed her, that is traumatizing and tough on them. What do you think?
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With the solid food, have you tried putting some of it in her mouth? I have one bottle baby that I have to open his mouth every time he eats and put some of it in there before he'll finish what's on the plate.
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you could also try wet food for kittens too. that might be better, cause it would smell more intresting to the lil one. even ix some formula with it.

good luck!
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Wet food is what I have been trying, I put some in her mouth and she just had no idea what was going on. That was a week or so ago though, I am going to try again right now. I thought that maybe if she saw the other two older cats eating wet food like she would be seeing her mother, then that might spark some interest for it. She is weakening somewhat though, she may have to go back to the vet to see if there are any unseen problems. I have NEVER had such trouble raising a kitten, they were always so easy!
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Just a thought - have you tried offering dry food? I have read of some kittens who would not touch wet food at all, but would eat dry food, even as young as yours.
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Can't hurt, I will definately give it a try. Thanks!
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I had a young kitten who before I even started to try to wean, wobbled over to mom's bowl and started chomping down. It was too funny. She was actually the runt of the litter and I was surprised. (She was also the first to use the litter box, so maybe she was just a really smart little kitten!)

Have you tried putting the formula on a plate for her to try to lap up? Like you said, she is at the age to start solids. Maybe just some of the warm formula will get her interested.

There might also be an underlying illness that hasn't surfaced yet. I sure hope that's not the case.

Thank you for taking her in and trying!
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I don't have any suggestions to offer, except perhaps try raw if you're willing.. my Tonk kitten jumped all over that like he'd never been fed in all his life and then screamed at me after he pushed the other two cats out of the way, finished off a dish that was *more* than they could actually eat, and was mad when he had to wait for more. That being said.. it's a process and a learning experience and may not be right for you... but he attacked it ferociously.

Anyway, just wanted to wish you good luck and please keep us updated. Healthy vibes sent your way!
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