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more pics of the shelter dogs.. lots of pics! :)

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Sorry these are so big!

First is miss Chloe. She's a catahoula leopard dog and who we believe is Acorn's sister. she's more timid than miss Acorn. but we are working on that. I will post a picture of Acorn also, so we can compare the two. Acorn is more outgoing and she got adopted last week. miss Chloe gets spayed on Tuesday and then will be available for adoption.

she really doesn't like her picture being taken


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she isn't blind in her right eye.. it's half brown and half blue.

she has really unique markings, but so does Acorn! you can see how much they look alike although the coloring in their faces is very differen.t.

this is Miss Fala.. she's a 7 year old beagle/lab mix. she's such a doll!

this is Max. he's a 9 month old bluetick coonhound and such a goof. he was so hard to get a picture of because he kept on baying for the cookie I gave him.
I love this picture..

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and here's a better profile picture. it took me like 10 minutes to get the "perfect" picture because he wouldn't sit still.
I took it for the website.

this is Miss Lasso. she's a 2 year old golden retriever, spaniel mix. she's a doll and has been with us for a long time.

we thought she was spayed but she was in heat last week so she'll be spayed soon. we thought she had a scar (we checked her) so it's a good thing we didn't adopt her out

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this is Wally - he's a lab/border collie mix (best guess) and such a sweetie. he has came a long way for being such a skiddish boy the first few days and he loves to get human attention and lots of it, too!

this is Lucky - he's a chesapeake bay retriever. we adopted him out as a puppy and he's back because he isn't great with cats. I think they got cats when he was all grown up and not as a pup. he is a total ball freak!

this is Chesney a.k.a. "Chesners" I posted him in the other thread awhile back. he was turned in because the lady is pregnant with her 2nd kid. : we adopted him out as a pup and he's about a year and a half now. he's such a cool dog!

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and last, but certainly not least, this is Rosin (pronounced Ross-inn).. she's such a sweetie. she's a 7 month old pit bull and kinda a monkey.
I love her! heck, I love them all. it's hard not to love them all.
she has light spots on her tongue. it's so cute!

you can see the spots on her tongue if you look really close in this picture. it gives her a lot of character even if she didn't have spots on her tongue she is a character anyways.

she's such a goofball! I have no idea what this look was for.

just one more post..
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I know she's really dirty but we tried to give her a bath the other day and she freaked out. She must have a bad expierience with water or baths.

that's all! I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as fun as I had visting with them.
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Awww Krista! They're all soo sweet!!!! I hope they all find great forever homes soon!!!!
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