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never give up hope

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this won't be a terribly exciting thread but i just had to share....

my 3 cats are all rescues from outside.

my first cat, in my signature, was the most scared of all the ones
in the litter he was born with. so he ended up with me. he socialized
well to me after about 2 years. now he crawls over over me at any
given moment and he is one big cat LOL !!

his birth mama, who i took in about a year or two later after i caught her
and fixed her and was able to socialize her, is also socialized to me, so i
knew she would remain with me.

my third cat i found in the parking lot where i work and was going to tnr
him but he came around so fast that i did not want to return hiim outside.
he is the bravest by far and also has quite a few screws missing. he is my
psycho crazy attacking cujo kitty.
he will have to stay with me forever for his safety.

anyway.... when i go away my best friend who lives on this same
property but in the main house, i live in an apt, comes over to feed and
keep my kittys company. my first two cats hide and pretty much stay
hidden until she leaves.

if she finds my cat prettyboy, in my signature, in a window, he might
tolorate her feeding him treats or chicken but that about all.

from time to time he has let her pet him and i even have a picture of her
holding him once.

well today her son came over to see if he could fix my computer and
i told prettyboy to come out of the window and come visit, like i always do,

i was totally shocked !! my asking hiim to come out is more an entertaining
thing i do. something he never actually does.

he came out and came into the kitchen where we were and walked around
all brave like !!

THEN my mamakitty came out !!! it was like a party happening !!!

she quickly disappeared and he did not stay too long either but boy oh boy
talk about miracles !!! it only took him 5 years !

so never give up .... your kitty can always learn to do something new.
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Your kitties sound amazing. They must feel very secure and loved to be so brave! You are amazing, too, for what you have done for them.
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Awwwwwww thats so sweet!
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thank you !!!

i do love them dearly.

the goofy thing is you should have heard me.....

i was soooo excited !!!!! you would have thought they learned some
new big trick or something !! well.... i guess they did LOL!!!
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