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Hey Katl8e, didnt I read somewhere that you worked at Tombstone? There is something on the History Channel on telly right now, about ghosts in the town, one of a woman in white and the other of Virgil Earp. I was wondering if you ever experienced them? Do you happen to be in that specific show, I think it is Haunted History.

Tombstone looks like such a neat place to visit!
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I've seen that show and it is pure bunk! There never was a madam lynched, in Tombstone. That WAS my friend, Betty, though, playing the part. I recognized the ruffle on her petticoat - I made it!

Of course, the town is full of ghost stories - it keeps the tourists coming. Big Nose Kate's Saloon has a picture, of their purported ghost, Felix. I have a picture of myself, that shows the same reflection off of the back bar mirror. Some ghost!

Thanks, for the tip, though. I get a kick out those historical documentaries - I'm in several of them and my friends are in the rest.
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