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Stoli, please this is censored!

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cover up them bits.
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Oh my.... The positions they sleep in! If there was a kitty playgirl or playboy I bet a lot of us could make a fortune!
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LOL! silly boy
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haha! Whata sweetie! Give that tummy a few rubs! I don't know what it is about a kitty's tummy, but when I see one exposed I have to rub it
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hahaha I think he's just getting some fresh air
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Nothing like a refreshing breeze across the nether regions...
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Stoli your as bad as my Jack for showing your bits off!

Awwwww but doesn't he look sweet!
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hahahaha, Stoli is sunbathing. The warmth must felt good. hahahha
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Oh I've taken both male and female pics like that - and call them the "Playgirl Kitty" or "Playboy Kitty"
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Awww, Stoli looks so cute and relaxed. Reminds me of my Claire and some of her "poses."
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Oh my I had to cover Lily's eyes!!! She's stil too young and innocent to see her boyfriend's bits!
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thanks for your cute comments everyone. that made me smile - I had to laugh at watchcaddy's remark though - I hadn't thought of the warmth.....

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Stoli!!! Quit trying to make the other boys jealous!!

BTW-he is sooo beautiful~~
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Ahhh Stoli...
your bits are adorable.
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