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howdy from Canada!

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This is my first visit to this site. I am "mom" to 2 cats: Kermitte, a 2 year old female DSH. Grey and white tabby.
And Elmo, a 4 month old male DLH. White body and legs with an orange "hat" and tail. He looks amazingly like a Turkish Van, but I got him for free from a woman who'se queen had had a litter.
Kermitte came from the SPCA, but we got her for free also because I had done a year's worth of volunteer work there, and she was a "gift" from the director!
We also have a 5 year old mixed breed (beagle/collie) female dog named Dixie.

so... long story short... HI!
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Welcome to a really nice place. Nice to have you on board! Sounds like your household is busy..... Jump in to the different forums and join right in. We also have a great newsletter that is free to subscribe. You can sign up off the link at the bottom. The ad for it is on the left-hand side.

There is also a great sister site. www.meowhoo.com

Ok commercials are over! Welcome again!

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Bonjour thh20!

Welcome to TCS and I hope you enjoy your time here! And don't mind Hissy, she's the marketing guru for TCS!

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Welcome to the site! I'm glad you found us here and look forward to getting to know you on the boards. I hope you like it here as much as the rest of us do.

P.S. I deleted your other thread since it was the same thing as this one.
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Hi there and welcome.

Have you got any piccies of Kermitte and Elmo?

Great to have you here!
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COOL im from canada to wecome .
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Welcome to you and your kitties from Divot, Josie and me.
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I'm going to give pictures a shot... no promises yet, though!

Kermitte: 2 yr. old grey/white shorthair tabby female (pictured as a kitten)

Elmo: 4 month old orange/white longhair male

and Dixie: 5 yr. ol beagle/collie mix female
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Bad news, Geocities doesn't allow remote viewing. You did the link right, but they came up as dreaded red x boxes.

I used my cheat technique to see them though and you have quite a lovely furry family. (right click on the red x, go to properties, copy the URL location from the properties box and paste into the browser. Hit Go and see the beautiful furries!)
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SO SORRY!!! Well, you can see most of my pets if you type in http : //geocities.com then follow it with / st-julie / myself (if I spell out the instructions instead of writing the address properly, I can get around Geocities' silly posting policy! Just don't put in any spaces!)

thh20 (the headless horsewoman) - - don't ask!
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Hello my fellow Canadian! Thans for the e-mail - I ahve been so busy at work this is the 1st I have been able to respond. Hope you have as much fun here as I do!
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Hello from sunny South Africa and welcome. This is just the greatest site for any catlover!
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