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Needing some advice/help...please?

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I need some help/advice. Currently I am renting w/out a written agreement (it's a long story). Everything has been great landlord seems to be forcing me to have a roommate! They even put a public listing about it!! I am not ok with this and haven't had a chance to talk to my landlord about this. (I am living in the landlord's house) Can a landlord FORCE you to have a roommate?
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First of all you should never rent without a written aggreement. Second are you paying the full price for rent? I don't think they can force you. But without the written agreement I'm not sure how you could enforce your rights.

What was the verbal agreement?
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Honey, consult a lawyer ASAP.... even if you just call a law office and ask about the situation without getting into specifics.

This seems mighty fishy to me!!!!

Good luck and keep us updated!!!!!!!

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I don't think they can do that.
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Well, if you are renting a bedroom in persons house, and the room has two beds, then I guess he can rent out the other bed. It looks like the owner of the house is trying to make some money, and without a contract, I don't think you have much of a leg to stand on. Of course you can make sure you are present and obnoxious when he shows it to make sure no one wants to live with you.
It seems pretty rude to me, but without any kind of contract, I would think you are at his mercy.
Of course without a contract you don't have to honor your agreement to pay rent either. So I suggest you withold rentn until he changes his mind about the roomate, or throws you out. Better start looking.
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Whether you have a written agreement or not, you have rights. Do some reading up on it, and contact your local Tenants' Council. When you nicely approach your landlord about this, you will be armed with information about what he can and can't legally do. Here are some links to get you started.
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Thanks everyone...see the situation is, the house has been uninhabited and has been rented out in the past. I am paying $500 which includes utilities. The past renter apparently trashed the place and failed to pay rent on more than one occasion. The person I'm renting from is a good friend of a lady I used to work with. I was offered this house because she knew I would take care of it and be responsible. She really wanted someone in the house for safety reasons and such and wanted to help me out to be able to save money.

I know that a verbal contract has as much right as a month to month lease. I researched and found out that she still has to give me 2 days notice to come in the house, 30 days to evict me and 30 days to raise rent.

Realizing all this, it doesn't make sense to me that she can legally force me to have a roommate. I've only been here 2 weeks! But maybe I'm missing something.
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Maybe she doesn't understand the law, or maybe you are missing something. Best you discuss it with her ASAP.
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
Maybe she doesn't understand the law, or maybe you are missing something. Best you discuss it with her ASAP.
Has she said that this is what she's doing? Or are you drawing this conclusion from the fact that an ad is running? Because it could be that the newspaper just didn't pull the ad when it should have...
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am with Carol maybe the ad wasnt pulled yety
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No a landlord cannot force you to have a room-mate unless it's been prior discussed with you and you have agreed. She cannot just up and rent to someone else and have them move in with you.

If this was NEVER discussed with you, then she is breaking the law if she is trying to rent the place to someone else while you are still living in it.

Did you agree to rent the whole house for what you are paying, or just "one room" with the understanding that the other bedrooms would also be rented out?

If you did not discuss this or agree to this, then the terms of your rental agreement (even if it was verbal) is being violated. Talk to a lawyer and the rentalsman office in your area.
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The night she said she was posting an ad, I looked online and it was there! grr

When we discussed me living here, she did say I would "have the whole house to myself" and then talked about how I would enjoy it. It was never under the understanding that the other room would be rented out. It WAS, however, under the understanding that the couple would still have the master bedroom if or when they came down during winter for a short period but now it is being said that that may not even happen.
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This is why it's SOOOO important to have things in writing - whether its a friend, relative or unrelated.

You can consult a lawyer but without a written contract you don't have much to fight for/against.

I'd have a talk with her this week and get things IN WRITING as to what happens from this point on. If you cannot agree, then I'd be looking for another place if you don't want a roommate.
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is there an update yet
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No, no update yet...thanks for asking. I haven't heard from her, though I know she is quite busy with her job and will be moving to get a better job very shortly......
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