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Kitten still trying to nurse?!

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My SO found an approx. 7 week old kitten two weeks ago. I feed him dry and wet kitten food and I give him a little bit of kitten milk in a bowl, but occasionally he'll try to nurse on me or anything furry/fuzzy. I think he may have been separated from his mother too early. Do you think nursing him with some kitten milk in a bottle for a little while would help him get over wanting to nurse? Is he too old to nurse out of a bottle? Anyone ever experienced this with a kitten? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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O Missouri:

Kitten? Try CAT! You're so right -- your kitten is suffering from separation anxiety brought on by separation too soon from his mom. He may ALWAYS do this! I've had this experience several times with big, brawny MALE ADULT CATS as well as little kittens -- age is no qualifier here. Think of it from his perspective -- thrust out into the cold, cruel world away from the only warmth and sweetness he's ever known! How would YOU feel? I'm not at all sure about the bottle question -- hope some other TCS members will have a good answer for you on that! But I'd be very indulgent about letting him find security with you -- after all, YOU'RE his surrogate mom now!
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I agree with Tarasgirl...... I had a sweet little angel who I rescued from a parking lot when he was barely six weeks old and abandoned.

He tried nursing me for YEARS!!!!

I was his mommy and it relaxed and comforted him to "nurse" on me...so I let him.

I guess some babies never grow out of this. Poor little angels.
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