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Help! Cleaning pee from mattress!

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Looks like last night or night before. We can go into the behavioral issues later, but I'm fishing for cleaning advice right now.

What's the best way to go on this one? Nature's Miracle (ugh, how long will it take to dry?), cheap vodka, Urineout (I like the idea of dry)?

Thanks in advance, and I'll get busy with an intro and stuff. This needs addressing right away.
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I have never had this problem hopefully someone else who knows more will come along to share advice.
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Very helpful article (note that there is a link for page 2 at ther bottom):

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I'd go with Nature's Miracle. Keep the cat locked out of the room with the mattress until it is fully dry. Get a vinyl mattress cover (you can find them at Bed, Bath, Beyond or Linens N Things) and make sure it is one that encases the whole mattress and zips closed. You want to make sure there is no smell that your cat will come back to.

After you put the cover on, make sure and flip the mattress.

Also make sure everything is completely dry before you do any of this or it will all be in vain.

Good luck! And do post again on the pee issue. Make sure you take your kitty to the vet to rule out a urinary tract infection; it is by far the most common reason for these occurrences.
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Thanks, Barb. Did the Nature's Miracle earlier today with the fan on it. I think the comforter took most of the hit, and it's off to the laundromat tomorrow.

The Verb has pulled this before, but on pillows (easy to wash). We wound up keeping the door shut and him out in the garage at night for a while, then no further issues. Checked with the vet, who found nothing (this was last year). He showed little interest in the area last night or today, but he's on notice.

This follows a recent outdoor escape, along with more aggression toward stepsister Zoe and more early-morning vocalizing. Typical pattern. Is he reminded of what he's missing and acting out, or just reacting to smells he encounters outside?

Background: He's the younger of my two fixed males (8 and 11), who were indoor/outdoor before we moved in with my boyfriend and his indoor-only female 3 years ago. He has been aggressive toward her almost from the start. Must be her fault he's stuck inside and all that... plus she's there. And she's a GIRL.

She's finally figured out she's not going to die, but she's not having fun! Never any broken skin, just a lot of wappin', growling, hissing, etc. Occasionally I find a few drops of urine, like a marking. This bed one is not spray; neither were the pillows.

Big alpha cat (Pae) occasionally corners Zoe, but she's mostly too quick for him. Plenty of boxes on both floors, both boys were fixed as kittens, big cat is OK with the indoors thing as he's very human-focused and always delegated the hunting to Verb anyway.
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Good questions. Assuming he does not have a urinary tract infection, I would say he is doing his outdoor behaviors inside, i.e. marking "his" territory just as he would if he were outside.

Your bed is probably his most important place so he is making sure everyone in the indoor kitty world knows that.

My cats will do this if there is a territory struggle in the house but since yours just had an outside adventure I would guess it relates to that. Unless of course you give Zoe a lot more affection and you find him watching it with a glare LOL.

When my cats get bored or aggressive with each other or both, I turn up the play sessions with all of them and it seems to make a difference. I get them new scratch-cardboards and give them a catnip session and use the laser light or (my boy's favorite) the stick with a string on it and a toy; or best yet, the toy on the fishing pole where he can trap his prey and deposit it in his kitty lair.
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Thanks for your thoughts, Barb. We seem to be headed the same direction. Turning up the play sessions; good reminder. Did some 'nip and laser just last night.

Funny, Verb has never been much of a bed kitty. He sometimes joins me and Pae when BF is out of town (often)--the meowing ends when he hops up--but there's no room when BF is home, what with the big 18-pounder and 6-3 BF. He doesn't dislike BF, but isn't his buddy either. (BF does much of the shooing away on Zoe attacks, plus big Pae likes to hog his attention.)

He's been good since the "incident", but I'll be paying close attention when BF returns tomorrow!
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