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I put it off as long as I could: I need vibes

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for my dad. He went in for a replacement wire on his pacemaker on Tuesday - and they ended up replacing the whole unit. He had bleeding and swelling and was finally let go home yesterday. He's being flown back now because he has blood around his heart....please pray.
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Your dad is in my thoughts and prayers. Thinking of both of you.
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Here is good health vibes for your Dad, and a for you
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All I can offer is lots of and !!!!!
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Your dad and all of his loved ones are in my prayers.
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Many prayers and vibes to your dad, and to you!!

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Many prayers and best wishes. That's a scarey situation to be in. Be sure to let us know how he is doing.
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Awww, how scary..I am sending many prayers for him Renovia
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thank you everyone, they are flying him right now, i'm putting together some music for him on my ipod and some coloring stuff for my mom.....
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We're with you! All the way! Safe journey...
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I just got a call from my mom.

They gave my dad some nitro stuff that has really helped him alot. The doctor quoted 'miraculous'. So they aren't flying him anywhere tonight, he's still up in the boonies where I do NOT trust the hospital, and I won't know anything else until tomorrow.
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I've heard nitro can indeed do miraculous things -- my aunt keeps it on her at all times for her angina and she's had to use it before.

THINKING THE BEST THOUGHTS!!! and continuing those prayers.
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Your dad is in my prayers.
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thank you so much everyone.

i'm sitting here and can't really do much. i'm not tired yet. i'm wound up.

I'm so glad that SOMEONE has heard of nitro because sometimes i think the doctor's in this little town are full of bull.
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I am glad that he is doing okay but sending you lots of vibes for his continued recovery.
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Oh no, rest assured, nitroglycerin (yes, THAT nitro! It's the same thing but in tiny dosage) is used for heart patients with great success.
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I will keep your dad in my prayers! Lots of vibes headed his way for a smooth recovery!!!
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I know exactly how you feel.....
My dad is 60 years old and has 15 stents, a pacemaker and has had 2 heart attacks since he was about 52. If you ever need to talk, please feel free to PM me

Vibes for you and your family
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Oh, dear! Scary times. Sending lots of and prayers for your Dad's speedy recovery, and for calm for you and your Mum. Waiting is the pits.
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I am sending lots and lots of for you and your father. I hope he starts to heal up fast and that you can be sane and calm through all of this!
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I have been through this so much with my family. If you need anyone to talk to, you can pm me. I may not be the best person to give advice right now because of what has happened to my dad but I will listen.
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A little late, but mega for your dad!
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Sending you and your family lots of prayers

I hope your dad pulls through like a champ and recovers fully.
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My father has been through some pacemaker issues, too, and a six-way bypass to boot -- I so understand how scary it is for you. I've got your dad in my thoughts, and healing light is pouring down around him.
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All of whatever , everybody is saying X ten! Just remember to always
stay positive, no matter what. I'm adding ya'll to my prayer list now!!
Be strong and get some rest, you'll need it!
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Sending dad lots of mega healing
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hope everything works out good for your dad and no complications
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Sending many vibes for an excellent recovery.
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He is in my thoughts and prayers.
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I hope your dad is doing better today.
When my FIL was living he always had his bottle of nitro pills with him and instructions on what to do if he started feeling poorly.
Vibes to you and your family.
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