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Help needed !

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Hi my cat has just had kittens, well 3 and counting, maybe four by the time I have finished this message,
Do the kittens need a litter tray ? if not now then when ?

I remember when we picked Misty up and the lady we got her from said that the mum places them in the litter tray so they know where to go but is that immediate ?
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you need to post this in the pregnant cats and kittens forum

and a mum cat will show the kittens when to go, and you can place a litter try down for them at about 4 weeks old. non clumping litter. small tray, like a cake pan
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They can barely move at first.

My Ziggy had her babies on friday morning.

They wont need a litter tray for a few weeks yet.

Dont let the mum go outside until shes spayed, she can get pregnant again upto 48hrs after giving birth.

Feed her kitten food because it will help with the kittens growth. This is a great site and you'll learn so much. I have and I've only been a mamber since last weekend.

Aren't they cute when they are born? They dry off in no time and go all fluffy, they also suckle for HOURS after entering the world!!!
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I kept my queens in a very large cage with kittens - so her litter box, food/water dishes were in the cage all the time.

The kittens showed interest in the box around 3-4 weeks old and started copying her then.
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