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my cat cries during the night

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In have 3 cats. They have the same habits, eat, go out and sleep at the same time. Unfortunately, one of them, Lulu (7years old) wakes up every night between 2 an 3 a.m. and maked noise - he cries or jump everywhere in the bedroom, moving photos, even one night turning on the radio(!) until we get up. We got really tired and decided that Lulu would sleep downstairs, in the "cats's room". The room is quite big (50 square meters), with carpet, armchairs, basket hanging on the heater, toys, litter box, water... and Lulu's sister is now sleeping with him so that he is not alone. Well, now Lulu cries from 5 am till 6 (time for us to get up) and he wakes us up. He does not want to eat : he simply wants to be with us... The vet has no solution and we would like Lulu to behave like his siblings..
Can anyone help ?
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It seems like some cats just need more attention than others. My cat Ivo used to wake me up at 3 in the morning, just to get attention. Because of how my apartment is laid out, I couldn't shut her out of the bedroom. It was very hard, but I ignored her when she did it, and eventually she stopped. She still wakes me up at 6:30, but my alarm is set for 7, so I don't mind that as much.

One other thing to try is playing with Lulu for 15 minutes before you go to bed. If you tire him out and give him lots of attention then, he may not wake you up in the middle of the night.

I'm sure you'll get lots of other good suggestions from the others. I wish you luck!

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One thing I have learned in working with cats is they are prey animals and hunters. This means they are by instinct active, nocturnal and in the early morning hours, when all we want to do is sleep.

Try playing with him right before bedtime, interactive play toys, things that make him run and jump.We used an old fishing pole with a toy on the end for years, then laughed when someone marketed the idea as an actual toy. If you have an old fishing pole around, just attach a toy to the line at one end and troll with your kitty. Another thing I use, is I have a light rope with a clip on one end, and a cat toy on the other. I clip it to my belt and when I clean house, this toy trails after me. I usually have 4-5 cats keeping me company. Walk quickly and they will play with the toy and tire out.

Feed him late late at night.

I have heard of people leaving a vacuum running in the bedroom closet- though how they sleep through that noise is anyone's guess!
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Velocity wakes me up between sometime between 1230-300 purring and meowing and walking on my face and chest. She's cute so I let it go. My husband isn't as nice though He boots her out if she wakes him up.

if we give her some food and some toys she can usually go entertain herself until she falls asleep again.
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MERCI a million for all of your advice
we will start playing with Lulu tonight and hope that this will prove efficient.
I will let you know
the trouble with feeding him is that Zib and Tso would start yelling too (and ratso is sooooo loud, he would wake up the whole neighbourhood)
How can I post a photo of my babies ?
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I saw this thread and I laughed because I realized that HELLO! I am not the only one! For Ashley, I think it is a matter of attention. She will carry around those squishy balls of hers and howl, but as soon as I call her (when I am in bed) she stops and jumps up with me. She might even be sleeping on the couch or whereever for the night, but like clockwork, about 230, she is in on and on me purring like mad. I love her, though....I think the love and affection they give make it all worth while
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