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Spent $50 on a Furminator...

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... and Lily will not let me use it on her! I posted in "Care and Grooming" for advice, but I'm posting here just to gripe about it.

At least it has a full money-back guarantee.

Anybody else has a cat who doesn't want to be brushed or combed?
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Popsie likes being brushed for awhile but then he'll walk off and make me chase him around to finish. Darn booger head
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Wow I'm so glad I read this.

Actually DH and I were just checking this out at Petsmart the other day after numerous people on here suggested it.

I'm not so sure yet.

We'll see.

I hope you get tips on how to make it work for you!!!!!!
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*waving hand in the air*

Yeah. Stimpy HATES to be brushed. He HATES it. I've tried every brush out there. I even returned a $10 one my sister recommended. Yeah. That was funny, it didn't get anything off of him AND he hated it. We pretty much hold him down and brush him with a $3 slicker brush or the zoom groom. We have to because he sheds so much.

And people told me short-haired cats shed less.
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Nikita hates all brushes apart from a zoom groom. They're really good at getting hair out. Probably not as good as a furminator but still better than most "normal" brushes. Since the zoom groom is really a massage tool most cats really like it.
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I gave luxor treats when i brushed him with his furminator and now I touch him with the furminator and he flops down to be brushed. Stoli does hate it though.
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took me 2 years with heyu for her to sit still,
this week was the first time she rolled over on her back and let me brush her belly
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Our kits only barely tolerate being brushed, but they seem to tolerate the Furminator a little more, and 30 seconds with the Furminator gets much more fur out than 30 seconds with any other of the 4 other cat brushes we own and now don't use...
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Yup yup...Fred doesn't mind being brushed with a Furminator whereas his sister, Ginger, barely tolerates it. Only times I'm able to use Furminator on her is when she wants to be petted at her favorite spot. Even then I have to make it short otherwise she runs away.
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I have heard great things about the furminator, but opted to try the zoom groom first. Two of my kits love the zoom groom, whereas Sassy just barely tolerates it, I only get a few swipes at her and then she starts biting!! Sassy is still a work in progress. She is DLH whereas the other two are DSH.
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Mine took to the furminator fairly quickly, and like someone said before, you can get more fur off with a furminator in the 30 seconds they stay still than other brushes.
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I have a Furminator, a metal comb, a zoom groom, a slicker brush and a grooming glove, all of which look nice arranged in a little basket in the corner

That's all they do though, is sit there. Riley will have none of it.
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Nollee wont let me brush her. I bought that zoom groom brush (when she was a kitten) because it is gentle and she swats and bites at it. She's a no go on the brushing. My older cat loves being brushed, I havent tried it with my new kitten yet, but Ill let you know how that goes I wanted the furminator but I think only the older cat will let me make use of it.
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It was great with Kandie slick long hair ... Didnt work on Zoey .... Unfortunately I got it only 3 weeks prior to Kandies passing, so I did take it back
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My mom has a cat that will not really tolerate brushing. With my 3 cats, Ansel loves to be brushed. The 2 girls, however, do not like it. I recently bought a furminator, but haven't really put it to the test yet. I have a question about it though. Are you supposed to hold the "teeth" perpendicular to the cat's body or at an angle? When I hold it 90 degrees to their body, it doesn't seem to want to go through their hair.
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Spaz gets so upset by combing and brushing that I just don't anymore.
She's getting too old to put through the stress.
Oddly, baths don't stress her and shears don't bother her.

Since she doesn't groom herself like she used to, I simply shear away her matts when she gets them and I bathe her once a year.
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Thank you for all the responses!

Originally Posted by SophieC View Post
...Are you supposed to hold the "teeth" perpendicular to the cat's body or at an angle? When I hold it 90 degrees to their body, it doesn't seem to want to go through their hair.
That's a good question! I've been holding it perpendicular... not that it's working...

Anyone else?
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I do kind of angle it a little, it also helps to hold the fur and stretch it out a little, if you look at the cat video it shows you how
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In the video, it looks like the groomer is holding the teeth of the furminator perpendicular to the cat's body. I'll have to give it a go this weekend. But, I'm taking them outside to do it. Don't want all that fur flying all over the house.
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Originally Posted by SophieC View Post
Are you supposed to hold the "teeth" perpendicular to the cat's body or at an angle? When I hold it 90 degrees to their body, it doesn't seem to want to go through their hair.
Just thought I'd bump this thread up. I just bought the furminator on the recommendations of some friends on a bunny forum, and I love it! It's crazy how much fur I've gotten off of my siamese mix Eve, all undercoat fur. I've found that it works best if you tip the brush forward, so the teeth are at maybe a 45 degree angle to the skin. And like in the video, if your cat has areas of loose skin gently pull them tight while combing that area so you don't catch their skin with the blades.

Eve hates it. She hates all brushes. I just hold her down for a little bit, then give her a treat afterwards. I do have a Zoom Groom but it's bunny-only so cat smell doesn't scare Princess Mocha. Lilly purrs while I'm combing her as long as I rub her ears while I'm doing it. The rabbits hate it, but they hate all brushes so far so it's just a matter of what works. I do like it better than the Zoom Groom on them (they attack the zoom groom anyway!). If the buns are in a heavy molt then it's best to just gently pluck the chunks of loose fur out, then use the furminator. If they're doing a cat-like slow overall shed then the furminator works like a dream!

I just needed to share my love for the furminator, since my server is screwing up and won't let me access the rabbit forum.

Edit: Why did you have to pay $50 though? Shipping? The cat size one was $25 at a local pet store.
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Originally Posted by Naturestee View Post
...Edit: Why did you have to pay $50 though? Shipping? The cat size one was $25 at a local pet store.
Two reasons:

1) Prices of all things not produced on the island are inflated because they have to come here by air or ferry.

2) Even though the Canadian and American dollar are almost equal, most U.S. items still have about a 30% increase tagged on them from when the Canadian dollar was way below the U.S. dollar. (Pet peeve of mine!)

The small Furminator is $49.99 CDN plus GST at Bosleys, the only place that I know of that has them here.

It worked out well, though, since I returned it. If I had ordered it I would have to pay shipping and possibly duty (depending on where it's made) and couldn't have returned it, at least not without more expense.
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That's kind of funny....when I'm doing my hair, Cleo will come up to me and bonk her head into my arm until I relent and comb her for a bit. Once I've given her a good comb, I'm free to finish doing my hair, lol!

I bought a Zoom Groom on the recommendation of a couple of friends on another cat site. NONE of my girls will tolerate it at all! Not even Cleo, who usually loves being combed. Anyone need a barely used Zoom Groom?
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Man, I don't know what a zoom groom is either. Now, though, I am going to find a furminator, and try to get them to accept grooming via training with treats and clicking.
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My cat enjoys being brushed with this thing. She stretches out and rolls around when I use it on her, and she will sometimes look at me when I stop, like she wants me to continue. She basically behaves the same as when I pet her. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to have the same attitude about getting her nails clipped. You can find the cat FURminator for $20 shipped in the US.
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Wow, I just picked one up at Petsmart. So far I am pretty impressed with what it pulls off.

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I just got one on ebay for $19 and some odd change shipping included, brand new in the box. Clicker training for grooming, here I come.
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