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Plant Poisonous??

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I just bought a Red Sister Cordyline plant for my deck. It has to be brought inside in the winter. I have 2 indoor cats and I can't find anything about whether or not this plant is harmful to cats!!! Anyone know?
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Ti plants are sometimes used in cooking.
Everything I can find states that Cordyline terminalis is a safe plant.
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Use your search engine (Goodsearch, Google, etc.) and input "PLANTS POISONOUS TO CATS" and you should be able to bring up URL's to search.

Personally, I would keep ALL plants strictly away from cats except for catnip and catgrass. Better safe than sorry. The plant is not worth someone getting sick or worse.
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I've checked a ton of websites with lists of poisonous and nonpoisonous plants- this one doesn't seem to be on any of the lists!
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That's good - but I'd still feel better erring on the side of caution and keeping the plant away from the cats.
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As I said before, it is a nontoxic plant on every list I find.
When you search a plant and it does not show up by it's common name, or the common name you know it by, then you search for it's latin name, which, in this case, is Cordyline terminalis.

Ti Plant—(Cordyline terminalis) non-toxic.


This one is hard to read thanks to the busy background

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