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My laptop is not working

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This happened Thursday. THis laptop came form DH's office a couple of months ago and their IT guy cleaned up everything, installed updates (Windows 2000 Professional) etc.... Its a Compac armada about 5-6 yrs old.
Anyhow I just use it for email and internet surfing. Windows had 5 updates when I was using and the message asking to restart or start later kept on appearing as I didn't want to restart at the time.
Anyhow I did my (or I thought) my normal shutdown or I selected the restart message (can remember) and what it is now doing is restarting, the Windows 2000 Pro screen comes up then the next screen is supposed to be the control/alt/delte screen which is just blank and then it reboots again.
This just keeps on repeating. I cannot get it to start in safe mode or any of the other advanced menu options.
Should I see if the IT guy has any recovery disks??? I trolled around microsoft's website and didn't find any helpful info.
Any ideas????????
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not always, but normally, if it hangs there, its having a issue with the driver,
or some hardware. if there is really nothing on there that you need,

I would ask for the disks.
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No files on computer I will email their IT guy to see if he has disks.
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