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Hi sassy's mom. I am new here but I am a vet tech for 12 years. I have read your whole story. Its excellent that you took sassy to a specialist. The agressive fluids cleaned her kidneys and brought ehr BUN and creatine to normal. I am so happy. Sassy is young.
Question is, did she get into anything? HAs the vet asked you this question. I am wondering how she got the kidney infection to begin with. CRF is different than what your cat has and so is PKD.
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I still wonder if her catching the lizard may have something to do with it. I'm so glad she is getting better!! TCS vibes and good vets can do miracles sometimes!
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The Specialist thinks that she started showing symptoms of the kidney infection when she wouldn't eat her regular food. We switched it out because we thought she was being finicky and she loved her new food, we had an empty bowl every day. We don't know if she got into anything else because we're pretty anal about not leaving chemicals out and what not, since she is a very curious cat. But, we're not leaving anything to chance and all of her bowls and play things have been cleaned for her arrival. Even the cat fountain got a nice dose of vinegar through it.

And, if it was the lizard, hopefully, no more are in the apartment. Maintenance came out to see how they found their way in but we couldn't find a hole.
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I seriously doubt that it was the lizard. There may be some kinds that'd be toxic to cats, but my clowder ate lots of lizards in the Mojave with no ill effects (except, of course, to the lizards)

Good on ya for doing the thorough cleaning. Aren't you excited about tomorrow??? I know I am!
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I just caught up with Sassy's thread.
I am sending lots of healing vibes to your sweet girl & hope that she will be home, resting in your loving arms tomorrow.
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Well, good news and bad news...

Bad news: Sassy started running a bit of fever, so they want to observe her. Also, they would like to wean her off of the IV fluids for the next 24 hours, so we won't be bringing her home until tomorrow.

Good news: Her kidney levels continue to decrease, which is the best news of all. Hopefully, we won't have to do anything like SubQs or special food just yet if we're able to keep her numbers down. *praying for that*

I'm wearing my lucky shirt today, it literally says "Lucky" on it, so hopefully it will do it's job!
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It is so scary when our fur kids are ill.
I am sorry that sweet Sassy has to remain in the hosp. for awhile longer but the fact that her numbers coming down sounds very positive.
More healing vibes are on the way.
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Awwww, well, I'm sure sorry you couldn't bring her home today and that she's still "under the weather" a bit, but you're of course doing the right thing by letting them observe her overnight.

I add my prayers and best thoughts that she'll bounce back, too, and not have to have the special measures you mentioned. She sure is a pretty girl! What a wonderful name for a calico girl...
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We definitely get to bring her home tomorrow (less than 12 hours!) from now. She was so much her usual Sassy self today. Also, we know that she has no problem pooping or peeing because she gave her daddy and I a demonstration in the visiting room. Poor thing was searching for a litter box all over the place and we couldn't get a tech, so she just did her thing. But, it was good to see her doing twosies because that was a small concern. It also showed that she's eating enough. (I can't believe I just discussed pee and pooh with you guys!)

Tomorrow, before we pick her up, her Daddy and I are going to buy her a present - a new laser pointer. She's going to love it! I can't wait to have her home. Oh, her new nickname is the "Several Thousand Dollar Cat" to play off of the "Million Dollar Man".
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I'm so glad that your little girl is doing so well. She's going to love the laser pointer. My girls go bonkers over theirs. They will chase it until they are so tired that they lay on the floor panting, with their little sides just heaving.

Give Sassy a big smooch from me and my girls!

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Sassy's home! I just thought you all would like to see a pic of Miss La Rue, shaved belly and all!

Thank you again for your kind words, thoughts and prayers...Much love to you all!
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She's gorgeous! Right down to her patterned skin
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Welcome home pretty girl!!! Don't you love planting kisses on those little shaved bellies? I couldn't stop kissing Cleo's tummy after she was shaved for her abdominal ultrasound!
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Sassy the "Several Thousand Dollar Cat" is absolutely adorable.
I am so glad that your girl is back home where she belongs.
No doubt, she will enjoy her new laser toy.
I am sending more healing vibes....
you can never have to many.
Please keep let us know how your pretty girl is doing.
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Hooray! Glad she's back home. Sending that there are no further issues.

The shaved tummy is adorable, and it lasts a long time. Leo had surgery Aug. 2, and his tabby stripes are just starting to show a little. It's like very fine down right now! I'm amazed at how warm his skin is; I guess you don't really notice with all their fur usually. In his case, he was shaved up the back of both legs, as well as around his rear and partway up his tummy. Despite his best efforts, it's hard to look dignified when you're back half is shaved!
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SO GLAD to hear your updated good news about Sassy!!! Hope she's soon chasing that new toy all over the place, and yes, there are quite a few of those Seven Thousand Dollar Cats around here (of course, to me, ALL cats are priceless!!!)
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