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Kidney failure

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I had to take my cat, Sassy - a two year-old domestic short hair, into the emergency vet this morning because she continued to throw up through out the night. The vet diagnosed her with kidney disease/failure and Sassy is going to stay at the animal hospital overnight.

Has anyone had any experience with congenital renal disease? If so, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm beside myself about the thought of her having to be so sick
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I have dealt with Chronic renal failure and my Pm box is open if you want info ... I am about off to work but will come back later
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I have had experience with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) and have 1 kitty with a congenital illness that leads to kidney failure - Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

There is a thread in this forum that is a sticky, full of superb links to information on kidney issues, as well as shared experiences..please check this out.

Know that there are a number of us on the forum with cats currently living with kidney issues.

sending a hug, I know how frightening it is to hear this with a young kitty especially. Frankie is just now 3, when we rescued her at 2 (estimated age) we were stunned to found out she has early crf.
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My Cleo was diagnosed with CRF when my vet did pre-op blood work for her spay surgery at 6 months old. Cleo turned 7 in May. She eats a canned renal diet with added phosphorus binders, gets sub-Q fluids three times a week and get Calcitriol and B complex vitamins every other day. She's fat and happy, and her renal numbers have remained stable since diagnosis. My vet told me that she would probably only live to be about 5, but she's positively thriving with treatment. I fully expect her to live a good long life with me!

My Maggie (6 yrs old) was diagnosed this past March with renal insufficiency. Her creatinine is in the high side of normal. She also eats the canned renal diet + phosphorus binders, but that is the only treatment that she gets. I will probably have her bloodwork re-checked in the next month or so.

If there's anything I can help you with, please feel free to PM me.

Pookie & the girls
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Poor girl. Did the vet think the lizard may have had anything to do with it? I know some can be very poisonous. Sending vibes her way!
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Congenital, no; but CRF, absolutely -- my sweet angel Moti girl developed it at around age 7 and after diagnosis, she had over 7 good months with us. I had to learn how to do sub-Q fluids, and her doctor gave her vitamins and Immunoregulin to boost her immune system. You will undoubtedly learn all about these things and I pray and hope for the best for Sassy and you. It is dreadfully unfair that this has to happen to her at such a young age especially -- I felt that way about my Moti, too, because seven is also young. But we learn to treasure each and every day with a loved one who is sick -- it's a wakeup call for us to do that with EVERYONE we love, isn't it?
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Thank you all for the kind words and advice. Unfortunately, Taterbug, no the lizard didn't have anything to do with it - just a coincidence. The vet it was most likely congenital since the x-ray showed that one of her kidneys is abnormal. I'm sure that I'll be learning a lot more about this condition in the coming days.
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My senior cat was diagnosed earlier this year with kidney problems. Fortunately, we caught it before it became too serious and developed into CRF. The vet put her on a special diet, which has helped tremendously.

It was a very scary time for me, but there's lots of information on this site and lots of helpful, caring people who have experience dealing with CRF kitties here to offer encouragement and to share their experiences. Read all you can and ask as many questions as possible from other kitty owners (aka "staff") who love kitties with kidney problems to help you through this time. They've been there and they know what it's like.

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Sassy is still not doing well. She is throwing up and we don't know yet if she's responding to the IV treatment. I'll know more at 4 pm.
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Sassy is in my prayers and best healing thoughts. Believe me, we have been where you are now, and definitely empathize. Keep thinking the best and visualizing her improving, won't you?
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Originally Posted by Tarasgirl06 View Post
Sassy is in my prayers and best healing thoughts. Believe me, we have been where you are now, and definitely empathize. Keep thinking the best and visualizing her improving, won't you?
Yes, I am. I, Sassy and Brian - my boyfriend, are all hoping for recovery. The numbers that came back this afternoon showed she was getting worse but we're taking her to a specialist tomorrow morning. We're going to do everything we can do to get her better.
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Thank you and may you all be blessed! I've sent along a little "gift" for Sassy and for you all, and will keep her and you in my prayers and best healing thoughts. Cats should never have any problems, should they? They're such perfect and sweet beings!
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Sassy peed, A LOT, last night which is a good sign. She also is purring up a storm. I hope to get good news when I take her to the specialist at 11.
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Keep us posted!

I have only dealt with CRF in older kitties, but I am relating all too well!

Please, know I too am thinking of you and her!
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sending for GOOD NEWS
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Okay, she is in the hospital again but in better spirits. The specialist was a bit more hopeful since she was able to pee a lot since yesterday. Unfortunately, the possible diagnosis is one of the following:

- Pyelonephitis (kidney infection) - treatable
- Acute renal failure - treatable but may or may not be curable
- Renal lymphoma - fatal but most not likely
- Congenital kidney disease - treatable but not curable

They are going to run various diagnostics and I'll know more this afternoon.
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Oooh, I hate those waits!

I just went through one where it was either an intenstinal lymphoma or IBD ... and this would be the SECOND cat I would have lost, this summer. It was too too much.

Waiting with you ...
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Praying And Hoping For The Best For Sassy!
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We don't want to get our hopes up but we have good news!

The doctor, the specialist, thinks that she has a kidney infection - the best of all possibilities. Her kidneys are large and could be a contributing factor but all tests are pointing to infection right now and NOT FAILURE! Brian and I are elated. We will know for sure in the morning. But, as of this evening her BUN and creatine levels are falling and have decreased by a third of what they were on Sunday.

Thank you ALL for your prayers, thoughts and support through this difficult time. The people of this board amaze me with their kindness for a new person. I can't wait to have my Sassy La Rue home and curled up near my feet. Thank you again!
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Hooray for the relatively good news! I'm sure Sassy will be thrilled to be home, too!

Keep us updated.
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Excellent news..I'm very happy for you!
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just checking in on sweet Sassy - let us know how she is today and when you can have her home
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I am so happy for you and Sassy!
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The info I got from the animal hospital: Sassy is much more alert today and peeing up a storm but she's not eating yet - but that's typical with being so sick. The test results won't be in until this afternoon and I can go visit her in the hospital at 3:30. They are going to probably keep her one more night but just for observation really and get more liquids into her.

So, I hope to have her home sometime tomorrow. I'm really glad that we didn't just go with the first vets advice and not treat her, because he had basically given up on her.

Thankfully, the financial burden is not as much as I expected. Typically, I wouldn't care about the money part but in the last four weeks I've had to have surgery, I got laid off from work and the cat got sick. It's more than one can handle!

But, again, you guys are AWESOME with your support and prayers. You don't know how much that means to me and Brian.
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I just got to spend an hour with Sassy and she's doing much better! I won't be taking her home until Friday because they want to get her BUN and creatine levels in a normal range. But, to show you the progress she's made on Sunday her BUN was over 130 (normal-high is 30) and today it's 64. Her creatine on Sunday was 13.6 (normal-high is 1) and today it's 4. The antibiotics are working.

I can't wait to bring her home!
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Thank God!!! This is wonderful news. Great that you got to spend that much time with her; I know how visiting in the hospital can be. I know you can't wait to bring her home! and I'm hoping that by that time, her levels will have gone down more and are almost normal, if not absolutely normal in that time. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
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just checking in on things with Sassy ...........I'm sorry thats theres so much going on with you guys right now hang on in there, things are on the up I am sure. Friday will soon be here then you get to give her tons of TLC

Give Sassy ome chin tickles when you see her
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...and seconding Mooficat's sentiments exactly!
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Woohoo!! What a relief! So glad your Sassy's on the mend and will be coming home soon!

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I got to see Sassy today and she is definitely her old self. AND...Her BUN is 28! NORMAL! Her creatine was 3, a little high but so much better than before. I get to take her home tomorrow, she just needs to start eating more. I can't wait to have her home.
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