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I have a kitten who is about 4 1/2 mo. old. When we adopted him at 11 weeks, his foster mom had him on a dry food diet only, on Royal Canin Babykat kibble. After about a week with us, I started giving him some Natural Balance canned food in the morning and evening, while keeping the dry out all day. Everything seemed fine. A couple weeks later when the kibble ran out, I bought Natural Balance Kitten dry food for him. I realize my first mistake was not switching over gradually, just starting in with a new food. But even though he seems to love the food, ever since that day we have one STINKY cat! The gas and the poop is nearly intolerable! I gave it a while thinking that his system would adjust, but it hasn't. He does seem to have a somewhat sensitive system. So now I'm wondering...

Do I stick with the Natural Balance dry and add those digestive enzyme powders you can get...or do I try a different dry food, and this time phase it in slowly? And if so, which one? Anyone know one that's good on sensitive tummies?

Thanks so much to anyone with advice!