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I have a question about frontline. Me and my kitty are having flea problems, and my aunt gave me some frontline. The only thing is, it's for dogs. She used to work for a vet, and she says it's fine to put the frontline for dogs on cats, just to use .05 ccs. Does anyone know if this is really true? I'm afraid to put it on my kitty until I know for sure. Thanks for any help.
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They probably have a telephone number on the back of the box, or on the website. You could probably call frontline and ask them. I have heard just recently of someone doing this with the Advantage, and it working successfully for them. As long as you know the proper dosage and know that the formula is the same from dog to cat and all that differs is the actual dosage, I don't see there would be an issue.

Just be very very careful to only give the recommended amount. That's where I think potential for the problems comes in.
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