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OHHhhhhh NOOoooooooooooooo

Mr Cat!!!!!!! Mr Cat????? Oh Dear! He looks so small down there......I hope he doesn't fall asleep! Did anyone pack the parachute into his bag? Oh me oh my!!!!!!

Auburn412 please pass the chocolate! does anyone know if they make chocolate margaritas???
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KUMBULU, I just wanted to say what beautiful cats you have. How many? I am up to seven and have no more space. I do not know what breed any of mine are. They were all kittens or cats in trouble when I got them. One in a drain pipe. I want to say thank you for helping take care of them. There are too many out in the wild! They thank you too.
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I want to know did he jump or was he pushed? And as his face is covered up I wonder if it's really him?

/me hunts down Mr Cat and finds out that he's been hiding Kumbulu is his shed.

Ah ha, Kumbulu thief.

Oops lost her again.
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Hmmmmm Mr Cat jumped all of his own free will! *ahem* Now what do you want crazy man???
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NO PIE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!

We have got some rather nice cake though!!! Go to the Valentines thread NOW!!! or no pie, cake or soup for you NEE!
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Mr.Cat....my idol! I knew you could do it!!! (getting back into seat and buckling seatbelt ) We, I mean....I just had to 'convince' him that it was okay to let go.....

Bundy...one chocolate margartia coming your way as soon as I land. Just move over a little bit will ya? This seat is not made for two. And thank you for your assistance with Mr. Cat. It'll be 'our' little secret.

Okay, so ingredients are: tequila, sours mix, ice, orange juice,....I'm guessing if you want a chocolate one, I'll just throw in the rest of my chocolate bar here No...No....I insist!

Kumbulu....I know you are partial to LURKING but....come out, come out, wherever you are!!!!!!!!

Oh, and Bundy....calling BuNN a crazy man? Geesh....back to charm school for you. That is not the way to win his heart...or maybe it is?????? Plan B: Step 1....
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I'm here I'm here I'm here I'm here!!

Hee hee!
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You didnt defect to BuNN's barmy army did yah Kumbulu??

We are sooo relieved you are back!
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No way mate! There's some things you've got to be to join his army and one is MAD!!
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***steps out of the plane washroom***

Can they make plane washroom's any smaller???

Mr. Cat! You are so daring and adventurous!! I am glad you are on our side!! I guess I'll have to forgive you for your drunken stupor I last left you in.

I think Bundy doesn't need anymore margaritas Whisker's Mom!! How can she be cunning and flirtatious lying wasted on the floor with old peanuts stuck to the side of her head?!

Mmmm...I think I have to take the bartending privledges away from her since she doesn't know when to stop pouring! I'm the new bartender!! How about in honour of all the Russian Blue kitty's out there I'll be making special White and Black Russians for all my mates!

**Looks out plane window**

Does Mr. Cat have a beacon or something on him?? Those swamps and marshes look pretty dense and it will take him a long time to get out of there!

Kumbulu??!! How did you balance on the plane's wing for that long!! Now that's talent. Get in here before you lose the rest of your clothes!

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Clothes? I was supposed to have clothes? I thought we were headed to a nudist colony??? *rips flap from wing and hides her nakedness* Uh oh...bad move.
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But the U.S. Coast Guard saved me!

Kumbulu! Yay!

You're back! Hooray! We've been worried to death about you! Here, have a nice cup of hot chocolate and tell us all about your adventure.


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OK well it all started when I woke up from this nightmare I was having about being taken hostage by an army of kitties. I woke up to find that it wasn't a nightmare - it was REALLY happening. It was so much like Gulliver's Travels, they had me surrounded and were trying to...oh it's so traumatising...I don't know if I can go on... they were all chanting..."BuNN is our KING, BuNN is our KING!!"
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Tania -

You poor dear! Perhaps this will help ease the trauma...
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Tania, Luckily Leslie didn't drink all the margaritas, I think you need a double after your traumatic experience.
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