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Oh, yes indeed! *takes slice* Thank you! And here come our margaritas. *takes sip* Ahhh! THUD!

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Ah my drink has arrived!!!
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Mr Cat? Mr Cat are you okay???? ummmmm well if you don't want to finish your drink then!!!! *ahem*
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It's very quiet in this bar! I wonder where all the troops are? *hick* shash a loverly drink it issssss!
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Peppleeeeee!!!! Pepple ho ned peppleeeeeeeee!!!!!! arrrrrr te luckish pepple in the worrrrl *hick*
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What? Where am I? Why am I on the floor? Oh, I'm in a pub. Ah, well, that explains it. I think. Bundylee, is that you up there on that chair? *struggles to stand* Oooh, I'd better sit down. *plunk* May I dry you a bink, miss?


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Ahhhhhhh issss Mr Kitty cat then! *hic* stop moven aroun Mstr Kitty, I getten dizzyish! Woo Hooooooooo ooops!! Ish that anothererer dwinky poos???? heheheheh!
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I'm here!

I've also discovered other weapons we can use against Darth Bunn and his kitty comandos. Trent has been practicing guerrilla tactics in our storage room/bathroom of knocking large items down from high places. His aim's not very good yet, but the loud noises should scare off most kitty cats. Ophelia, Nakita, Tatyana, Cooper, Hayley and our other minxes can act as decoys to lure the toms of BuNN's army astray with their kittenish good looks and that sexy swish of the tails that they do. You know the one.

Oh! You have drinks and cake! Raspberry Daquiri for me, please.
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It's Darth BuNN behind the bar! No wonder those drinks are having such a strong and fast effect on everyone! He may have over heard our plans! QUICK get him!!!
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"Oi! Darth! Another round please, before we have to beat you up!"


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I have ordered reinforcements - I had no choice as I was injured during the vegemite attack.

Mr Taz has offered his services.

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Its obvious - Darth Bunn has kidnapped Kumbulu and is using her as a human shield.

Perhaps, if we lob cake and margaritas to her, she'll gain the strength to break away!
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ooooiiiiii my head!!!!! what was in those 12 margaritas I had??? Mr Cat??? why do you have a pink umbrella behind your ear? is it a secret radar? OOOOOOoooooooooooo the girls have joined us!!! Yipeeeee! More cake for everyone! and a tail of the dog please *ssshhhh* can everyone talk a little quieter?

Ahhh Mr Taz how nice to see you!

And a Raspberry Daiquiri for Secret Agent valanhb

Kiwideus let me look at that injury for you! Hmmmm you should live, it will wash out of your hair I promise!
Secret Agent DragonLady good observation! We must pretend we haven't noticed though! That way we may be able to capture him! What's our plan???

katl8e I fear we may be tooooo late and Kumbulu has joined the dark side! We can do no more!

We must remain strong in the face of advisari! We must be aware at all times and vigilant! We must continue our training and put an end to Darth Bunn once and for all! We need to organise a secret meeting!

Pass me another Margarita please!
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I have a nice pot of very strong coffee and a large bottle of aspirin, if anyone needs them.
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I leave for some personal appointments and you guys end up at a bar?? What kind of army is this. And Mr. Cat!! How could you get yourself in such a quandry?? 12 margaritas Bundy...a general! How could you meet him at a bar of all strategic places!!!

Ick! Oi! Now I have to rethink my whole strategy!

**Hangs head in shame!!****Prays for Kumbulus' return****

Thank goodness for Brenda's very helpful solution to the problem at hand!!

**Walks away from the strong stench & clothes soaked alcoholic influence**

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Wait! Come back! We can explain! (We can?) Okay, see, we came in here for a nice little drink and some food. But, as it turns out, the drinks were spiked with — um — something. And so I passed out and Bundylee was rendered silly.

In any event, it's all somebody else's fault! I'm feeling much better now, so let's get on with whatever it was we came here to do. Just what was that, anyway?

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**hands Mr. Cat another message in a bottle**

Here y'ar sir....on to plan "B".
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Bundylee was rendered silly.
How is that different from how she usually is?
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Plan B is it? I see. *ahem* Well, where are my glasses? Would you please read the message, Whisker's Mom? I can't seem to find my glasses. *crunch* Oh, here they are.

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Plan B. - It has been ordered that Bundy use all of her charm, wit and good looks to entice Darth Bunn. For this occasion, Margaritas are a must . Once Darth Bunn's thoughts and eyes are focused only on Bundy....we can take over.

Mr. Cat....Oh! I'm not really sure how you are going to accomplish such a task. Are you really ready for this sky diving stunt??? And how in the world are you going to be able to all squeeze in there together???? And last but not least...where have they been hiding this jumping machine? I mean plane...

And lookie here.....all that is requested of Whisker's Mom (that's me!) is to make sure I keep the Margaritas coming. I can handle that.....
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(More later)

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Are you sure we can trust Bundy with margaritas? You saw what happened, I know they were spiked but still. This isn't just a trick by Darth BuNN to give us all massive hangovers? If not, make mine on the rocks with salt.
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Dang.....I'm responsible for the Margaritas and I don't even know how to make one!!!! Ooops. So, Branda....rocks and salt huh????
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Need some help, Ghys? Take some tequila, some sours mix, or margarita mix, some ice and a little orange juice, unless there's cointreau around somewhere. Shake it all together, and voila! Margaritas for everyone. I knew those years of working in a Mexican restaurant would pay off some day.
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How do want those margaritas - frozen, shaken or blended? What flavor - golden, strawberry, blue or bubble gum?

They've been coming up with some weird combinations, the past few years.

I'll bet that Darth Bunn would fall for a bubble gum margarita.
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Actually Darth Bunn does not drink. Darth Bunn, Sink Lord does not require al-ke-hol (note the silly spelling) to become drunk. Breathing through this plastic mask all day has the same effect....
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Kumbulu was recently seen going AWOL from the Kitty Army! From reports I have recieved she was mumbling something like 'chocolate, must have chocolate'.

I'm sure she'll so return, we have sent out scouting patrols to bring her back safe and well.
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That's good news, BuNN! I suggest we declare a truce in this "war" until such time as Kumbulu is found and returns to our midst.

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I will have my parents keep an eye out for her here in the US. If she is searching for chocolate, they can help.

My dad ALWAYS keeps chocolate in their truck (they drive over the road semi together) becasue my dad says if my mom doesn't get her choclate when she needs it she gets mean. teehee.
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Now....Mr.Cat, a truce???? This wouldn't be because you are trying to get out of sky diving is it??? Nah...not Mr. Cat.

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