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Vacation and Pru

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This year we left Fergus and three cats at the kennel we use. Last year a friend came in to take care of the cats daily, because of Pru. She offered again, but I hate imposing on her for every time we want to go away. Sam and Clio have been boarded there before, but not Pru, so I was worried. We had suggested they might want to put Clio and Pru together to make it easier on Pru. They did, and Pru was fine, very shy and trying to hide, but she looked great when we picked the gang up. I thought we might be in for another set back, but Pru was up visiting us in the wee hours of the night as usual. What a relief.
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Glad it all worked out for you.
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That was a great solution to put Pru with the others- It is nice that it all worked out!
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If Pru is happy, everyone is happy.
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