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Turkish Van Cat

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Has anyone here got a Turkish Van Cat?

My mum is getting a kitten that is 1/4 Turkish Van (I will post pics once we have her) and I have been reading some sites about their personalities and that they are very loving (and also like swimming!!!)

Would be great to hear some feedback

She is really nervous actually (mum) because last year she lost 3 cats. First our 19 year old Candy, then baby Sunny was put to sleep due to illness, then finally, Sandy got out and was hit by a car
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i have one, tigger. hes 1 year old the last july.

he is very laid back, and gentle. very loving. he also does love water, but on HIS terms,lol. not liking a bath, but loves the shower after someone takes a hot shower,lol
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If the kitten is only 1/4 T Van, then the personality may not even be like a full blooded Van. As long as he's loved, that's what matters most. Do you know what other breeds are in him? I'd have a feeling the personality might go more like those breeds, or a combo of everything
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May I ask what is the difference between a Turkish Van Cat and a Turkish Angora?
From my unprofessional eye they both look alike.
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CFA pictures/standards:

Turkish Angora:


Turkish Van:


Angoras are a more refined cat in boning and body. They don't have as thick of coat either.

Van's are a more moderate type in body and head.
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Gilly asks, "Has anyone here got a Turkish Van Cat?"

We are blessed with the company of Samwise and Molly here on our beach in Texas. You can see slide shows of them by clicking on their names in our siggy. A marvelous breed! We can only hope that the TV 1/4 comes through loud and clear.
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