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2 cats slow eater, fast eater??

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I did not really know where to post it but tought it had to do with behaviour...

Anyway so I have 2 rescue cats since 4 days and they have quite different eating habits. 1 grazes the whole day through and the other one will eat everything in its bowl and then start on the other.

What to do?

These are my first cats so I am a bit of a novice...
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i have one cat who is a 'normal' eater, and one cat who is a lightning fast eater.

With this - you really can't have one cat be a grazer unless you can find a place to put the food that only that cat can get to. I'm not a believer in free feeding because it can cause lots of health issues and I want to know who's eating what and how much.

For me, my 'slow' eater: I feed him a scoop of his food first on the counter and then quickly get the other's food ready. I set that on the floor in a bowl and put another scoop in the slow cat's bowl. Then I fend off the other cat until the slow cat is done eating.
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I have a cat like that and the only thing that works for me is to feed them at mealtimes in separate rooms.
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Thanks for your help!

I think I am going to try the let one eat first and then fix the others meal a couple of minutes later.

Both cats are from the SPCA and have only been in my house for 4 days so they are still very much adjusting.
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Well you can feed them in 2 different rooms for awhile. The grazer you will have to teach to eat when its served and not be letting him/her free feed.

I'd separate them right now when feeding. And leave the grazer to eat for about 15 mins - then take up the food. At the next feeding, give them another 15 mins to eat. After a few days, the grazer will realize the he/she better eat when its served.
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My two are like that, Sonic will gulp down his own food, then push Radar out of his bowl and polish that off too

The only way round it is to either: a) feed them in separate rooms, or b) intervene and remove Sonic from the room when he's finished his own (easier said than done though!) to let Radar eat the rest of his in peace. Radar just won't stand up for himself, when Sonic pushes him away he just sits looking at his fast-disappearing meal with a sad expression on his face
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Jaffa used to be the fast eater around here but it's now Mosi. He will finish first and then try to eat Jaffa's. I feed them both at scheduled mealtimes and just stand over them while they eat. When he was little, I had to pick Mosi up and physically restrain him. Now "no" is enough if I'm in the kitchen. If I'm not in the room he'll still go for it, but if I'm there he tends to walk away. After a year and a half he's finally realised he's not going to be allowed to eat Jaffa's.

It was the other way around when Mosi was very little in that grazing would have been ideal for Mosi but I couldn't leave food out all the time as Jaffa would eat it. So it's always been supervised mealtimes around here.
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My Smeg eats in the bathroom because he's super fast and tries to steal the others. It's just easier that way.
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