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Well, I've been rather active on some of the other forums, thought I should introduce myself.

I am owned by 9 cats....

Eliot-Black & white DSH who I got as a kitten from the shelter.
Podge-Black DSH who I got from the markets.
Suni-Chocolate Burmese, hubby bought him for me for Xmas.
Misha-Blue Burmese, I bought her for hubby's birthday the following year.
Nicholas-Blue DSH who I took in, his owner died & her kids were about to put him to sleep.
Obee-Seal Point Siamese, I bought him as a birthday present to myself.
Annie-Lilac Point Siamese, hubby bought her as an anniversary present, hence the name Annie.
Loki-Brown spotted Bengal.
Mitzy-Lilac Burmese rescued from a shelter last year.

My interests include cats...with particular interest in genetics & viral diseases. I'm also interested in virology (in general), & immunology. I don't claim to be an expert in any of these topics.

I live just outside Sydney, Australia with my husband of 3 years & we're expecting our first child in May.


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Welcome Julia! There must never be a dull moment in your house with all of those furbabes around. Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your child.
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Welcome to the site!

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:flash: Welcome to you and your 9 kitties!
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Hi, Julia. It sounds as if you have a very busy and interesting life. We're happy to have you here at the Cat Site. Post often!
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You've got your hands full!
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