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Poop problems!

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Goodness, my kitten, Sweetie, just never stops getting on my last nerve (and grossing me out). Here's our newest problem:

I've always felt that cats + litter boxes = unsanitary, considering they're bound to step in it at some point or another. Well, I was right. Tonight two bothersome things happened.

1. I found little pieces of her poop outside of her litterbox from where she flings it darn near everywhere.

2. I noticed she'd stepped in her poop a bit right after she went (as she was turning to "check it out"). So, I wiped her paw with a baby wipe to clean it off, and found there was quite a lot coming off.

I understand she's a mere kitten, but there's bound to be some way to cut down on this. Considering, one of her favorite places to play is on my bed (namely, right on my pillows, yuck!), this type of thing is going from "kinda gross" to "highly unsanitary". I need help! Quick!
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1. Do you use a covered litter box, or something higher-sided than the typical "litter trays," like a rubbermaid tub? It helps with the surrounding floor a LOT.

2. Kittens tend to step in their poop and track it more than adults. Hopefully she is not a longhair and will later be also fouling her tail ... I had one poor dear whom I had to bathe, at times.

3. I think to some extent it is something many of us have learned to live with. I have had litter granules in my bed for years. YECH! Just try to keep it to a minimum with as much distance between box and bed as possible. And barriers like boxes with high sides.
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