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Cat Frightened easily

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Hey guys i have a 3 year old maine coon who i've had since it was a lil kitten. When she was about 1-2 my little brother would really be rough with her and i guess I wouldnt call it torture her, but shook her, pushed her way too hard, and so forth... no hiting or punching, just really really rough. So now everytime she hears a loud noise, or someone moves too quickly, or says something loud, she runs away and hides... I mean its gotten to the point where ill be playing with her then a plastic baggie will drop and she'll JUMP up. She got scared of my freaking shoe yesterday!...

I really wish i can show her somehow that theres nothing to be scared of anymore since my brother lives with my dad now, but everytime i try to introduce her to that evil plastic baggie for example she just runs away... and I mean ANYTIHNG can scare her =(

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If all the sources of her fears are gone now, it should just take time and you continually winning her trust.
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You might want to look into some Feliway diffusers to see if that helps calm her. Feliway usually helps with anxiety.

Also, Rescue Remedy helps with anxiety.
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My youngest Lucy (3) started off as a fearless kitten, but is scared to death of almost everything. She's had no trauma, but has grown up to be a Fraidy Cat! One of her brothers isn't afraid of anything and the second brother is afraid of almost everything. I use Feliway diffusers all the time, but she's still edgy, which she may or may not grow out of. We'll just have to wait and see!
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One thing to keep in mind is that most cats don't like the sound of crinkling plastic bags and will run from them. Just for perspective. Can't comment on the shoe.
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no really shes scared of EVERYTHING, what is that stuff you buy? someone said above, explain please
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Feliway is a synthetic cat pheromone that often helps cats with behavior and anxiety problems. I have noticed that when I'm not using it, Lucy and Carly tend to me much more jumpy (they keep antagonizing each other).

Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic compound that you put in their water. Some people have found it useful.

If these don't help, you may want to talk to your vet.
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