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My House was invaded yesterday by a .....

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.... Neighbourhood Bully CAT!!!!!!!!!!

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday and so I had all the exterior doors open and my furries were running outside having fun in the sun.

About tea time they come in and I lock up and then serve their dinner - next minute Zeus is fluffed up to twice his size and charging up the stairs swearing loudly in cat.

On the stairs, also fluffed up, is the neighbourhood grey tabby bully - he and Zeus then started chasing each other all over the house. I called my son in to help me catch the invader and put him out. It took us about twenty minutes of running around to catch both of them and put the invader out.

It took Zeus the rest of the evening to calm down and then he finally ate his dinner at about 10pm.

The funniest thing was that my other cat Tabitha, just ignored the whole thing and calmly ate her dinner and then she ate Zeus's as well as he wasn't easting it.

I have no idea when the bully-cat came in or where it spent the time hiding but it certainly was fun for a while. I hope he doesn't do it again.
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Oh goodness! Poor Zeus!

My first kitty Tinsel used to sneak out of our apartment and into our neighbors on a regular basis. One time our neighbor came down from her upstairs and found Tinsel on her kitchen table drinking her tea!
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Haha too cute - I'm glad yours recovered from the excitement!

Our Bandit (17 yo outdoor kitty and still going strong) is one ornery kitty. He used to find every single way to get into the neighbors houses. One time he even got into their chimney - fell through and ended up walking out as if nothing had happened leaving little sooty footprints on their carpet. He also used to sleep in this room above their garage. He thought he just owned the neighborhood (actually did at the time). Now he's old and they have their own kitties and he gets his butt kicked, he's learning that he's not top kitty anymore though. He spends more time in the house and just chills...he's stopped sneaking into neighbors houses (and they're pretty happy about that haha)
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I'm glad you were able to get him out easily. Maybe he knew it was almost dinner time at your house?
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