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changing to natural diet

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Innova, California Natural & EVO cat foods have just become available in my area. What do you all think of them? which is the best? do any of you feed these products? I also read that one of them has too much of something I can't remember what.
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What are you feeding currently?? Are you cats having any issues?? ie wt , hairball, stool issues
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I started my kittens on Innova Evo cat and kitten dry food shortly after I got them (about 8 months ago). Since they were both from shelters, I don't know what they were eating before but their coats have become soooooo shiny and soft! I started feeding them Evo for a diarrhea problem (vet said high protein low carb might help) but it hasn't cleared up that problem. I am very happy with the food (I guess I should say the cats seem very happy with it!)
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I feed Innova dry (red bag), Innova wet, and California Natural wet. My 7 month old male has the most gorgeous coat on the Innova dry. It's to rich for my 6 month old female (loose stools on it) but she can eat the California Natural wet. I don't feed Evo dry because the calcium, phosphorous and ash levels worry me, mainly because of my old cat.
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I feed the innova evo dry and canned and my kitty loves it and his stools are small and firm and no litter box odor at all. The ash level is fairly high on the evo though is what I am hearing.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post

What are you feeding currently?? Are you cats having any issues?? ie wt , hairball, stool issues
She was weaned onto Whiskas kitten pouches & Purina One growth & dev. I've recently changed her over to adult food. Whiskas adult pouches, Purina One, Optimum hairball formula & (Purina Fancy Feast dry which she doesn't like).
She's never couched up a hairball like my older cat does. Blossom is inside only & Coco the 15 yo has always been inside/outside.
Blossom pees & poops ok, just thought the foods I mentioned would be better for her.
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I would then suggest the Cal Natural ... very simple and very good

Evo is not my fav No grain

Innova is one I seldom recommend ... too much grain for the $$
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California Naturals is a great brand of dry. They were not involved in the recalls, even by association and don't use Menadione Sodium Bisulfate Complex.

I feed my kittens as much Merrick's wet as they want wet twice a day (sunrise and sundown) and leave out some California Naturals at night.

They are lean, strong, lively and healthy hunting machines (that is, for indoor kittens).
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You could try Orijen dry, Thats what I feed my two cat, along with Innova EVO wet.
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I am also a regular feeder and supporter of Ca. Natural. My cat loves it.
Evo was not accepted here, loose stool, too rich. I recommend Ca. Natural,
very simple and great for cats that have allergy's too.
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Thanks for the replies, I'll give Cal. Nat a go. Orijen's not available in Oz.
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