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My 3 month old kitten barely eats anything. She is playful and romps around with no problems. Her body frame is getting larger, but she is not gaining any kind of mass. She looks like a greyhound kitty!

The vet has tested her for just about everything from worms to thyroid and she comes up clean. I am monitoring what she eats and she just plain nibbles at everything. I have tried tempting her with different varieties of wet foods, including chicken baby food and even then she gives it a little taste but that is it.

I have noticed that she still tries to nurse off of her momma, Gracie. But I am thinking that Gracie is not putting out much in the way of milk these days.

I am getting very worried. I cannot imagine that this can go on for too long. Has anyone else experienced this? What else can I try to tempt her with?