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Newborn kittens!

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A stray cat that showed up at my neighbors house just had three kittens. They were so cute I had to put together a video of them. They are ten days old in this. Here is the link.


We're planning to adopt the black and white one. The other orange ones are so cute, I don't think we'll have any trouble finding them homes
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They are so adorable!

The song really goes great with the video.
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The kittens are adorable and looks like mama cat is taking good care of them and is trusting and sweet natured to let people handle her kittens. Is mama going to have a home too?
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They're adorable! I hope your neighbour takes the mom and babies inside and once the kittens are weened take them to a no kill shelter where they can be fixed and adopted.
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My neighbor is going to have the mom fixed and keep her. She is the sweetest cat ever. We will definetely make sure the babies are spay/neutered and find good homes.
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AWE! I LOVE the B&W one! The orange one is adorable, but the B&W one is my favorite
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Thanks for watching out for these precious kitties.

Please keep us updated.
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Awww they're so sweet and fluffy. And still a little bit clumsy because they're so tiny. I love them!

When I was watching it and I got to the part where their little voices were meowing, both my boys stopped dead in the middle of a fight to try and see where the tiny kitten was hidden.
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How funny. Those noises piqued our kitty's interest as well
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