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cat with hyperthyroid

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this but hope someone out there can help.
I just learned that my cat needs some big time dental work but that he is hyperthyroid. I've been told he could die under anesthesia.
He was put on clavamox to combat the dental infection.
He is an older cat (I picked him off the street so don't know exactly how old).
What should I do about the thyroid condition?
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It might be a good idea to post about your cat's thyroid condition under the health forum. I'm sure you will get some good advice from the experienced people on this site!
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Moving the thread to the health forum now
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What kind of dental work do you need? Some may be manageable, some will definitely require treatment.

My cat just had three teeth removed, one of the teeth was abscessed, we had no choice, she had to go in for surgery.

I know a lot of people don't like feeding raw meat, in Australia it's extremely common. Anyway, my Burmese has always had nasty teeth, with tartar on them, earlier this year I got my act together & got into the routine of feeding the crew 4 chicken necks (between 9 cats) every night. Most vets here recommend necks about 2-3 times a week, but because I have so many cats, I do it daily. Anyway, I managed to turn my Burmese cat's teeth around, he now has beautiful teeth with no build up. But in his case, something was done before any major damage was done.

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Your vet should be putting your cat on medication to balance the thyroid out. Once it's under control, it shouldn't cause a problem with surgery. The biggest concern with surgery is going to be the cats age.
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Here is link about your cat from an expert on anotehr board. MOnahttp://www.nexwebsites.com/cathelp/c...ges/15375.html
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