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cat hotels?

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Hi. I have to leave my current living situation because one of the members of the household apparently cannot take it anymore and it's either him or the cat. So I've decided to move out, but I'll need somebody to take care of Fritz while I'm getting sorted, finding a new place, etc. I plan to move cross country and therefore crash on a few couches before settling in, so clearly not ideal for a cat. Anyway, are there things like cat hotels, or similar services, where I could pay someone to take care of my kitty for a bit? Or, if any of you have any other advice...

Thanks all!
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That's tough; was thinking maybe your vet might have some suggestions. Boarding is expensive. Do you have any cat friends that might be willing to babysit for awhile and pay them for room/board till you find your own place?

How long do you think it would be till that happens?
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There are pet hotels, but they cost about $12 per day.
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