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My cats are digging in my indoor plants-help?

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I keep finding dirt all over in my house from my cats digging in my plants. They are indoor. I've tried putting some rocks on the soil but then they just pull the rocks out and play with them all over the house. They are naughty! Any tips?

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You can attach mylar balloons to the side of the planter to keep your cat away.

You can grate up lemon and orange rinds and put the gratings into the soil. Don't bury them, just place them on top like a layered cake.
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Foil around the base of the plants. Lemon scented air freshners will deter some kitties. Tape across the planter blocking them from the dirt sticky side out. Pieces of slate that block the kitties from the dirt. A couple inches of plaster poured onto the topsoil,(can be tinted with food coloring!) leave space for the plant to grow next to the stems.
Please make sure the plants are not poisonous to cats!
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I'm also having a problem with one of my kitties. Roger loves to climb my wicker shelves to get to my plants. We have tried squirting him with water when we see him do this, but sometimes he does it while we're asleep. I do know that my plants are not poisonous to him, but I would like to keep him off the shelves to the plants. I think he enjoys climbing on the shelves and it gives him new territory to explore. I would appreciate any suggestions anyone has....
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Try spraying your plants with Bitter Apple. It won't harm the plants but it will taste really yucky to the cat.

To keep the cat off the shelves, put double sided tape on some paper and then put the paper on the shelves - tape side up. Then, when kitty steps on the shelves her feet will touch the tape. Most cats hate the feel of sticky stuff on their feet, so she will avoid the shelves so that she can stay away from the tape.
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who has to be higher than everyone else in the room. She loves to climb up high. We bought a HUGE cat tree for her and the other cats. She stays off my antiques and climbs the tree now. Good luck!
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When mine where kittikins they did that too and we cut a circle of cardboard to fit the pots with a hole in the middle and then cut a straight line to the hole in the middle and then bent it open to slide it around the plant, you then push the fold back in place and the soil is covered up! You can cover the cardboard with stones or rocks if you want and water the plant either from the bottom or in the hole at the centre. The lost interest after a while as they could get in and they don't even look at the plants anymore. I hope this will help a little!
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You could try growing cat grass for your cats and keeping it near the house plants. Cats prefer the taste of the cat grass to houseplants and will usually eat it instead. I sell Kitty Oats and would be happy to send you a sample to grow and see if you cats like it.

Please email me at Questions@KittyOats.Com of you would like to try the Kitty Oats.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I will probably try a few of them to see what works....
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