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Cat pictures.

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here are some pic's of Bindi a stray kitten I adopted from my dads ex-girlfriend
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Sorry here it is.
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Beautiful Bindi!
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( it as in the pictue, Bindi is curtainy NOT an it)

And here is one of Leopaorn, Our newst addintion to the family
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Ran out of space uploading
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I'll move this to fur pics
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Bindi's story was sad, tipical of people who let their cats run wild.

When meeting my dads ex- girlfriend she had a black and white skinny semi longhair cat that had 6 kittens, one black(Bindi) one gray four black and white just like her.

She had them on friskies and other cheep foods and the moma had to contend with three other cats and a beagle mix rescue. The woman had two children, both adopted and both, well one I got along great with, the other was a different story Also animal control fined her for having too many animals in her house. She gave me Bindi for free when I pleaded my dad to let me have a kitten. Althogh she did a GREAT job with socalizing them the kittens had no shots and Bind got fleas and gave them to my other cat, Tom, who was living with us at the time. After getting shots and flea treatments he settled in well. The mother was sadly probably PTS because of the stress and behavior issues shown to the other animals while living with them, My dad later broke up with her and thugh I did get Bindi, and a few books fom her am glad it hapened for personal reasons.
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The preg moma was rescued from being abandoned and was allowed to have her litter in their house, she didnt own the black and white she FOUND her.. A tom cat is still( kitens father probably) living in the area was reported to me by a elderly neighbor
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Bindi is so healthy looking. Love his pretty eyes and shiny coat
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She's a beautiful girl.
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Bindi is a boy cat, Neutered but still a boy
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I must have missed where you said Bindi was a boy, I was just going by the name
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