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Somali pic's/ Leopalorn

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This is a picture of Leopalorn sleeping off a raw chicken dinner on my dad's black foton.
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Aww he is a cutie ....

MODS can we move to the lounge??
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Sure, I thought sense he was a purebred it would do well here
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It does but this is for questions and answers .. It may be the right place I was asking as the lounge has a Cat pics area
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Oh Panther, that's QUITE a fine kitten you have there!! Unfortunately the pic of Bindi didn't come through on my p.c....maybe you could attach it to me via email?

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Yep I'll try.

Somalis dont get their ful coat/ticking until they are over or at 18 months so he'll prob change alot as he gets older. The tail will get busher and he will have a pretty coat but other than that he'll be an Aby at heart.
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Well, he sure is a gorgeous guy and guaranteed to keep on getting more and more handsome! Very wild-looking, too!
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I know I wanted have a bangel/ but later learned of its history and decided against it. Abys had the right temp but I wanted longer hair, so thats how Leopalorn came to us, Much much better childhood history then where Bindi came from.
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Well, sounds like he fits the bill in terms of the look and temperament you were looking for, as well as being a fine, healthy kitten and a good companion to Bindi, who seems to have overcome his traumatic childhood just fine and to be the picture of health! They and Tom are some very FINE cats!
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I dont think Bindi's childhood/begining was tramatic, it was just unlucky he probably wouldnt have had a childhood if the woman didnt rescue the mom or he would have been feral. After coming to live wth me he was wanted and loved,thats all that matters. ( I think the woman loved Bindi but he and mom and the others werent wanted until I came)

Leopalorn however was wanted right from the begining and was raised, pritty good, maybe not as socalizd as Bindi but MUCH better health/ has had two of the 3 boosters right when I got him, Bindi had none and had fleas does that matter in the end, no, they both got loved.
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Aww he is adorable. I love his big ears.
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How beautiful! Just look at that smile He is so sweet and lucky to have you
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Yep, today he climbed up on my lap while Bindi was curled on it, for a second there were two cats on my lap.
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I agree 100% -- that's what really counts. They're both (Tom, too!) getting wonderful care now, and they're definitely loved -- this is what every cat deserves!
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Finally a pic! I have been waiting. He is very very cute! Nice dark color. More pictures pls!
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