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Should I? ...

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A very big "HI!!" to anyone that remembers me. I certainly hope everyone is doing well. Things have been very busy with me between work, and home life, so I'm not nearly on as much as I use to be.

Bottom line, should I adopt a new kitty or not? Here is her petfinder ad :

Her name is Lucy. She was rescued by the organization listed. She was adopted and returned twice . The first time was because she got a URI, and the adoptee brought her back, and the second time, after she was brought home by the new owner, she got ringworm, and they returned her. This little girl... omgosh you guy's. She's sooooooooo sweet. She was rubbing all over the kennel cage at the adoption event when I went to visit. I've visited her a few times, and she's just darling. She's great with other cats, a little sketchy on dogs, but my dear's are older and docile, so the lady said she would be fine. I'm so torn. I have 6... is 7 really too many? She's willing to wave the adoption fee if I can give her a new home... I just, I don't know! It seems like to many, but I think she would fit in so well in the "hood" so to speak. Opinions? Concerns? I need something!
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YOUR asking a bunch of CAT PEOPLE if you should adopt??? Sorry ...
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
YOUR asking a bunch of CAT PEOPLE if you should adopt??? Sorry ...

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I think Sharky meant that of course we would all tell you to adopt.
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Oh bless her heart, yes, adopt that little darlin! She deserves better than people who return her when she gets sick, as if she were defective merchandise. Make her third time the charm!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
I think Sharky meant that of course we would all tell you to adopt.
Yes that is what I meant ... sorry it wasnt clear
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O Alikatt:

Too many is when you can't give adequate care or enough affection. For us, nine is NOT too many as we have a big house, adequate funds for good care, and they are my life. So ask yourself that question and I sure hope the answer is that you DO have room in your heart and home for Lucy -- she's so sweet and she so needs a loving, FOREVER home at last!
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If you have the funds, the space, and of course the love, then YES!!!!
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I think the question should "Help twist my arm into adopting this adorable kitty"

well that was more of a statement.

Anyhoo, Yes! She's super cute, she kind of looks like a "hitler cat" (google it).
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Dear Noludoru:

Gorgeous siggy you have there -- the CATS, of course, are the reason, but I also love the font used and the colors! BEAUTIFUL!
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