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I am gonna be a great aunt....

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Yep thats right my niece is 10 weeks pregnant I just found out yesterday. Only bad thing about it is she just turned 16 in May. I mean I can't say much I got pregnant at 17 but this is just a shock to me. I hope she understands how hard this will be on her and my sister. I mean it was hard when I became pregnant at that age. I did give guardianship of that child to my mom but it was a mutual agreement between me, my mom and my step dad. They wanted a child but my mom had a hysterectomy by then and I had a lot of bad bad issues so it did work out in the end. But still its a hard road to go because I had my son for 6 months and it was so hard on everyone. I do hope that the father of the baby sticks around to be a dad and support her through all this. I know my oldest son's father hit the door running when I became pregnant. Sigh....I wish her all the best and I hope she does good by the child she is carrying.

Another thing is twins run in the family and we are over due for a set of twins. When my sister was pregnant with my niece it started as a twin pregnancy. My sister lost on of the babies real early in the pregnancy but carried my niece to term. Plus they say for 10 weeks my niece is already getting pretty big for that far along. So I don't know could be.
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Congratulations I'm going to be one as well, and hopefully will be some time next week because that's when my neice who's 35 is due
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i wish your neice all the best and a safe pregnancy.

i fell pregnant just after my 15th bithday so i know how hard it can be, my DH stuck by me and its 10 years on , i now have 3 children. i wish her all the best, and congrats to you xxx
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As long as the baby is raised with love, then it's a wonderful thing. Congratulations!
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