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A gnawing cat!

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Hey...do cats TEETH like kids do??? I was like 12 when we got Angel so I don't remember a lot of when she was young, but Cleo is two and seems to like to chew on plastic and paper bags. Oh..and yes....FINGERS! Not like a bite, but what she will do with my finger is more like gnaw with her front teeth...just kind of rub them back and forth on my nail. I guess I never paid any attention to what her teeth SHOULD be like in the front at two years old, but I was wondering if it is just a behavior thing she likes doing (it doesn't hurt) or if they do teeth at this age. I am REALLY curious as to what is going on!
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But I too have a cat that chews! I think they just like the way it feels massaging their gums. Do you brush your kitty's teeth? There are some easy to use tooth/gum massagers that are carried in the tooth care area of pet stores! I think this would be a great way to bond with your kitty and keep her teeth strong and healthy!
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Peedoodle chews on things because he has no claws. I have heard that cats tend to chew if they are declawed so that could be the case with Cleo.
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Mojo, who will be 3 in April, also has an oral fixation, and has since he was a kitten. When he's lovin' on me, he'll chew my fingers in addition to kneading and purring. Neither his 3 siblings nor his mother shares this trait; he's just a unique little guy!

Here's a picture of Mojo:
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Here's the pic:
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Interesting! I thought maybe it was a medical something or other. I will try the toothbrush thing and see if that helps, but maybe it is just an affectionate thing or a declawing thing! Thanks for the tips
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