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Health Meter Cat Litter?

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Has anyone ever heard of this product? I was doing some research on feline UTI's and saw a link for it. Supposedly it changes color when it detects feline urinary problems in the early stages. It's expensive, $12.99 for 3.3 lbs., but I'm tempted! If I could catch a UTI early enough, it would save my kitty a lot of pain and frustration.

Here is the link:

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I would use it only if UTI s were a common issue.... otherwise close monitoring of the box.. I scoop mine daily ( used to be more but now only one kitty).. and know what size and shape and number is normal ... if it differs I check other things like water dishes , food level ... if I note any changes I watch 12-24 hours and then off to the vet
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Yeah I think you're right. I tend to know exactly what size, quantity, and shape they should be. Her litter box is nearby but still hidden, so I can constantly monitor her "output" and behavior. I just wish she didn't have to suffer so much.

I've had bladder infections before and they are no fun. Of course, if you could tell a cat that if she would just drink more water, it would help, but unfortunately that's not possible.

Hurry antibiotics! Hurry!
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how about making some boiled chn and giving her the cooled broth for a treat
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I've tried that, and she hates it. She won't even drink tuna juice! But, it's worth a try. I'm desperate to make her feel better! I swear, I think I'm suffering more than her sometimes!
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Excellent Litter

I have used the Health Meter Cat Litter to keep my cat safe from bladder and kidney problems. My cat Daisy had some problems in the past and the litter changed color when she peed. So we took her to the vet and he detected a problem we would not have even known about had we not had the litter.

The expense is worth the peace of mind to me. Also the one jug is supposed to last a month for the cat. So I don't mind the cost when the jug lasts all month.

They have a video on the site that explains the litter. Here is the link. http://www.healthmetercatlitter.com/...ter_video.html

I found it helpful
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