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My kitty, Puma, was drooling in her sleep this afternoon...at first I thought it was cute because I figured it meant that she was in a deep sleep--but, then, when she woke up a bit later, she started gagging and spit up A LOT of drool. By a lot, I'm going to guess it was a few tablespoons of bubbly spit. She's hiding under the bed now after gagging a couple of times. She's never had problems with hairballs before (I give her medicine to help her pass any possible balls)---is it OK for a cat to drool?? Or at least spit up bubbly spit??? I'm so worried. I love my baby Puma.
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The drooling is not too unusual ... I have had a couple of occasional droolers and it did not indicate anything in them.

HOWEVER, it can be indicative of poisoning -- I think specifically of insecticide poisonings? The gagging and spitting up does not sound so good, and I would get her seen to!
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One of our kitties was drooling excessively last year and I took him to the vet. I was told that he had ulcers on his tongue but the vet had no idea how he had gotten them. They weren't anything serious but I had to give him an antibiotic for about a week. Can you look at her tongue and see if she has sores?
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Spyder is a drooler, he drools in his sleep and when he's being brushed.

But every other kitty I've had who drooled did so because of a fever.
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I'm spilling tears over this situation. I feel like I'm losing my mind. She's still drooling and gagging. I ended up calling the emergency vet (which is an hour away) and spoke with them. We ran through some questions and neither of us can draw a conclusion as to what it is. I don't have any plants in my house--I threw them all out the day I brought Puma home because I didn't want to chance her eating anything. I use all natural and "pet safe" cleaning supplies...
No change in food or litter...
I'm just losing my mind.
I think I'm just going to have to hold her close until the vet opens on Monday.
My poor baby Puma.
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Most of the time, drooling is indicative of nausea in cats. It can also be associated with teeth/gum problems, but from the sound of it, my guess is that your kitty has an upset stomach.

It is good that you are trying to narrow down the list of possible causes, but sometimes, like us, cats just have an "off day". It is knowing when to panic and when to sit back for observation that is the key.

I would watch your kitty carefully over the next several hours and see if this behavior persists ... if she eats or drinks and holds it down, great! If not, then it may be time to consider having her seen.
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How old is she? Can you look in her mouth and see if there are any loose or missing teeth? If she's still a kitten, there is a possibility that one of her baby teeth came loose and she could have swallowed it. You can also check for sores in her mouth or throat or signs of swelling.
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So here's the update...
She slept through the night and kept right on drooling.
Puma just turned 6 months old and I've seen her lose one tooth (it was dangling on her mouth, haha) already. That was probably last month sometime.
I checked her gums and things look fine in there.
This morning she is playing and drinking water, so I'm happy.
Like everyone said, I'll just keep watching her and try not to overanalyze things.
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