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Passing blood??

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Hi guys, My cat floss is now 48 days pregnant and growing steadily. The vet advised me that i should keep her inside now until after the kittens are born and she has been spayed. So i have set up a litter tray and food and stuff and she seemed settled. But in the last half an hour or so she has used her litter tray and there was blood in her stools. Obviously i'm a little concerned as she isn't due for a while yet, but she doesnt appear to be wet or leaking any bloody fluid from her vulva, so i think it has all come from her bottom. (sorry guys!) She seems ok in herself and I will be talking to the vet for advice as soon as I can. Any advice from you guys would be great though!!! Thanks XX
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Hi, Well today Floss seems ok in herself. She has been sleeping lots and you can feel the babies moving around now. She hasn't passed anymore blood today yet and she is eating little and often. She seems well in herself.
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when lilly had a litter last year she had some blood in her stools in her last week of pregnancy, sometimes they can get a bit soild which makes them a bit raw, or sometimes they can get a bit lose. if it contuines to happen then speak to your vet.
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Thanks for your reply Tasha. Her stools are a little loose, because i have only started keeping her in since yesterday I have only just noticed it as obviously before then she was going outside. She has used her litter tray today and even though there was a little blood not nearly as much as yesterday so i guess thats a good sign. She's ok in herself otherwise, if a little uncomfortable. Shes eating well but sleeping alot also. She is getting quite big but she still has a way to go. Do they do most of their growing in the last couple of weeks?? I'll have to upload some pictures so that you can guess how many she might have.
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since she was an outside cat has she been wormed recently? blood in her stools can be for a number of reasons. if she hasnt been wormed there is a safe dewormer you can get only from a vet. i hope she has a safe delivery and healthy kittens.
just thought i would add, once she has had her kittens please keep her inside untill the kittens have been weened and she has been spayed this is for a number of reasons.
1. she can get pregnant just a few days after delivery.
2. she can bring homes flees which is very bad for kittens
3. she can get hurt while outside or go missing , which then the kittens will be without a mother and you will have to take over the mother care.
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