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Good Deals

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We were just at Petsmart & found good deals. We found a new container for our dry food (only $10) and some new toy mice with long thin tails that Sarah & Max love! They love to throw the mouse up & behimd their shoulders so cute.

And we bought a t-shirt for their Petsmart Charities.

http://www.gammaplastics.com/new/vittles_vault_II.html (New food container) Love it!

And we are using our old food container for their litter. http://www.gammaplastics.com/new/VV_20.html

We love their products. We have had the old one for years & it still looks great, it really holds up. Great day for deals.
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I shop there every Saturday for my cat food. Damn, I just bought a "dry food container" at WalMart last week for $7.99 and I don't think it was really meant for food storage because when you seal the lid shut and "burp" it (like Tupperware), you can see that air stays in there. Maybe I should go back to PetSmart tomorrow and try to find what YOU bought for $10.00...
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You should be able to find it. In ours it was in the back by the grooming section. The original one we have cost about $20 (you can tell it is made of sturdier, stronger material) but the new one is made good too. Plus it is "food grade" plastic and really keeps out the ants. You can tell its seals, because you'll hear it. And all for $10. Plus it tall enough to fit 4 bags of food. (4lb size) We put the bags of food directly in the bucket. We don't dump the food directly in the bucket. Keeping it the bag, keeps the bucket clean and easy to wash out. You don't all the"dust" from the food in the backet, since we store the food bag in the bucket. Crazy, it seem to some. But at least Sarah can't eat the bag
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